Monday, June 5, 2017

Kids Eat FREE Healthy Food All Summer Long Find Location Near You

Every parent knows how quickly that grocery bill can multiply when school lets out for the summer and it can really put a dent in your budget when your trying to ensure your children continue to eat healthy meals without breaking the bank. During the school year many parents have the assistance of free or reduced breakfast & lunch at school, but then summer comes and the worry of how to make the food money stretch sets in. Do not fear, Help is near, and it includes 2 words we all love HEALTHY & FREE.....

You may or may not have heard of the summer food program for kids. Maybe you have heard of it but thought it was for only those that are homeless or extremely low income. Maybe you thought it was a hoax going around FaceBook, Twitter and other social media outlets, it is not. I have personally confirmed the information is 100% true. Please if you find yourself struggling to ensure your kids are not just eating cereal for lunch don't be shy or embarrassed. Times are hard and making sure your child eats a good meal is nothing to be ashamed of. 

There are many locations so even if you do not have transportation, in many cases there will be at least one possibly more within walking distance of your home. The best part is there is no long application process, no making a dozen phone calls to find out where to go, you don't even have to make a single call at all..... Just TEXT to find a location & hours near you...... and you can be bringing your kids for their HEALTHY & FREE Breakfast and/or Lunch TODAY!

Now, unfortunately they are not in everywhere so there is a possibility that they are not in your town. Don't fret though as there are no restrictions stopping you from bringing your children to the nearest location to you. If you do not have a vehicle try teaming up with another parent who does so you can go together. Also look into assistance places in your area that offer monthly discounted or free bus passes. It is very likely you can find a location close to or right on a bus route. 

Hours seem to vary depending on location, but all tend to be approximately around 8am to 9:30 am for Breakfast and Lunches approximately between 11:00am - 1:30 pm. So double check the times at the ones in your area to be sure of exact time. Also I noticed that some locations do lunch only while others do both lunch & breakfast. 

Look No Further TEXT the word "Food" to 877-877 (or "comida" for Spanish) to find FREE SUMMER MEALS in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD - System was developed by: No Kid Hungry with the USDA. 

Time to WAKE UP No More Oversleeping or Always Being LATE

I have a friend that has inspired me to get back to blogging in the oddest way. My friend always finds herself in the morning rushing & racing due to waking up late. I have told her countless times she needs an alarm clock and each time she says she usually sets the alarm on her cell phone but when it goes off one of the main reasons it doesn't work for her is she shuts it off and falls back asleep, or the other times it fails to even work at all. The obvious answer to this one is simply - ALARM GOES OFF, GET UP! However everyone has different issues, reasons or plain old excuses as to what keeps them from waking up on time in the morning. This morning my friend woke up late again, and I have not written a blog post in a while so here we are...... TIME TO WAKE UP!

1. The obvious set an alarm. Not a low sounding, barely can hear it when your awake alarm. Get an obnoxious blaring most annoying alarm you can find.... better yet get TWO different horrible sounding, people down the street can hear the bells alarms. In my opinion I say stay away from the cell phone alarms. Also use actual alarm clocks that have battery back ups or older style wind ups with the big bells. Things happen such as power surges or your cell phone battery dies, or an automatic update, or some glitch next thing you know the cell phone alarm fails you. 

2. Make sure your alarms are set. I know... again you are thinking this is so obvious. It is also one of the main reasons people with problems waking up, do not wake up to their alarms. They simply forgot to set them before going to bed. This is an easy fix and very important step. Don't wait until you are tired, and have a hundred things on your mind to try to remember setting your alarms. Your alarms should be set for the following morning right after they have woken you up current day and you shut them off. Right then is the best time to set for next morning. It is then done, ready to go and you don't have to worry about forgetting at bed time. Also if you are using an older wind up type this is the time to make sure its all wound up! 

3. Break the SNOOZE TRAP! We probably ALL have been guilty of falling into the "Snooze Trap" at some point in our lives. This is a fatal way to set up a routine of being late/oversleeping. Snooze seems to be such a great little function, and some people are capable of using it correctly hitting it once then actually getting up at the next alarm blaring sound BUT unfortunately MOST people can actually develop a routine of hitting snooze to point where our brains literally become used to hearing the sound of alarm and instead of that alarm sound waking us up eventually we will wind up sleeping right through it just as if it were a lullaby! DON'T HIT SNOOZE.... Cover that button up OR skip to Idea #4 for best results

4. Make Yourself Stretch Or Actually Move to make that annoying sound stop! This is by far in my opinion the MOST IMPORTANT step in getting yourself up on time & avoiding constantly being late. In addition to setting multiple alarms (not multiples on 1 alarm clock - get 2 different alarm clocks) do not put them in the same place & never should be within arms reach of where you slumber. The first should be close enough that you will still hear it (really hear it) so make sure it is far enough away that you will REALLY have to stretch those arms. Then this is where the second alarm comes in handy to actually GET YOU MOVING! The second alarm should be just as loud if not louder and be far enough away that you must get out of bed and take a couple steps to shut it down.... 

Now that you are OUT OF BED the battle is over. DO NOT lay back down for ANY reason. Luckily as long as you eat healthy & get a good nights rest even if you did lay back down it wouldn't be as easy to just drift right back off into dreamland. Even still it is best at this point to get going into your morning routine. 

Unfortunately over the years extra features on alarms have made it easier and easier to stretch out our waking up process by allowing you to hit snooze again & again or on cell phones allowing us to set multiple alarms minutes apart convincing us it is okay to just sleep 5 minutes more, 10 minutes more etc. then the next thing you know you now sleep right through all of your alarms because you have trained yourself to do so. 

To some this all seems obvious, or you may think "my alarm goes off and I get up"..... It is not the case for many though.Okay, I admit it.... Yes it was my friends experiences that made me want to write this up real quick, but it was also because I myself am recovering from THE SNOOZE TRAP!!!