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A Brief Little Bit About Me

 The main thing to know about myself, my family and this blog is all in the title of our blog - We never give up, But we also never shut up (unless we are just busy doing a thousand other things).
Basically it is as simple as this.... I love to write. I love sharing ideas, my opinions,my rants my raves, tips, tricks and anything else that is on my mind at the moment. What better way to do that then to have a blog?

Here on our blog you are sure to always find at least some useful information. Every one in a while you will have a chance to win some prizes even.  Since I am a mom working from home with 3 children at home whom are 6 yrs old and younger. My 6 yr old is diagnosed with Autism, and 2 year old in process of being tested.  There will probably be a lot of editing and fixing up as we go along. You are sure to find typos and such but you are also sure to find REAL info REAL opinions REAL advice from REAL Parents & eBay Sellers etc. We also want you to know  when you take the time to leave a comment or message us on ANY site we are on, we truly do appreciate it and we will ALWAYS make a return visit to your site or social media network, sometimes might take us a while but we will make it over.

I have found that I love the world of Social Media Networking. It not only has great result from a business aspect, but is fun and I love meeting new people and learning new things.So don't be a stranger - Follow us - Friend Us - Like Us- and so on, we are down to earth every day people not a big business corp. Any questions, or anything you would like me to write about just ask and you shall receive....
HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! Thank You For Stopping By!

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