Sunday, January 27, 2013

How To - Add YouTube Videos To eBay Listings SIMPLE VERSION

   After spending over an hour trying to figure out how to add a simple YouTube video showing how an item works to one of my eBay listings I decided I would do a short blog post and try to save other sellers the hassle I just went through. This is not a YouTube how to, it simply covers the steps to embed the video into an item listing.
To make this simple - YouTube has changed the code they give you and it does not work in eBay auctions.So instead of going crazy like me trying to figure out why it isn't working just follow these simple steps
1. Go into your youtube video you are wishing to add to your new item listing. This is assuming you know how to use YouTube videos (if not wait for my more detailed blog post coming soon)
2. Switch your auction listing to enter html code instead of standard
3. Decide where you want your video placed
4. Now it is time for a little copy and paste & edit 2 simple spots in the html coding
 <p align="center">
<object height="385" width="640"><param
 name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param
 name="allowscriptaccess" value="always">
<embed src=";hl=en_US"
 type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always"
 allowfullscreen="true" height="385" width="640"></object></span></strong></p>
(I found the most simple way to do this was to go to video and simply copy the 11 digits right out of your web browser from the url to your video)
Now this is NOT like other html editing that when you switch back to "standard" editing in your eBay listing you will be able to see the video. THIS PART HELD ME UP FOR A WHILE. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong. Turns out I just could not see it. If you are done working on your item then just simply go onto the next step in the listing process and you come to the page where you can "edit" "submit" or "preview" - at this point PREVIEW your listing. This is when you will be able to see the video in your listing.
I have included my video to the listing that took me over an hour below. So to save you some time just follow the simple steps above and you will not have to go insane like I did. Hope this helps someone out there. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me here on my blog, through my email, facebook, twitter, or any of the many social media networks. I am easy to find and always willing to help in any way I can. BEST PART - NO I don't CHARGE A DIME..... I don't always have the answer, but if I do I am more than happy to share.

UPDATE: 4/18/2014  - There is an option on YouTube videos to use the old coding. REMEMBER TO SWITCH the code before copying and pasting into your listing. I will be writing a more simplified & updated version of how to add youtube video to your listing on ebay VERY soon. If I have time over the weekend I will do, but with it being Easter weekend and having 3 little ones... it might not happen until during the week. 

Special Thank you & credit to pinkfloydtrader of eBay for their very helpful guide. Whom I learned how to do this from.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

$10 Garage Sale Find Becomes $200 eBay Sale

My Big eBay Sale Of The Week

I wanted to share something to be on the lookout for when your out shopping garage sales, church sales, etc. Many times they will have a large amount of unused cards for sale. Cards are a pretty good seller, especially if those cards have envelopes and are in good shape. I got really lucky at a yard sale in my neighborhood when I noticed some really nice greeting cards, post cards and tons of envelopes. They were Avanti cards which are made in the USA and are very nicely made and normally have colorful envelopes to go with them. I noticed they were 3 for 1.00 and I passed the first time but then decided to go back and ask how much for all of them. They said 10.00 for stand they were in and all cards. I did not even bother to haggle as this was an awesome deal and I was happy to hand over $10.
So far from this deal I now have a really nice wood display/storage rack. I listed the Avanti cards all in a lot and I got a best offer of 50.00 less than I had set the price for. I had it set to auto accept offers of at least $200 as I thought that was an incredible return on my investment. Less than 24 hours later I had my sale and the buyer paid right away. Below I have included in this post a couple pictures of the cards. You can see the actual eBay listing here: Avanti Card Lot Auction on eBay
Now in addition to that nice stand I own now, and the really nice turn around on the cards - THERE ARE STILL MORE! Yep there are still at least 200 or so postcards still that need to be listed, and about 50 or so more greeting cards of other brands all with envelopes too. There is also at least 15 - 20 or so small gift type tag cards. So I figure by the time I am done I will have at very least turned $10 into $300 or possibly more AND I still have the wood stand I think I will keep for me.

Come again soon.... I haven't been keeping up on my writing so well in the last couple of weeks, but I am going to try to get back into swing of posting almost every day. I love sharing ideas, tips, tricks, and passing along any info I discover in order to help others.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

What, Did I Hear Right? "Breast Enlarging Gum" Turn That Up!

Okay just when I thought I had certainly heard it all I am proven wrong again. I am in my truck this morning and hadn't adjusted the radio to my station yet. There was a man and woman talking about breast enhancement. At first I thought it was a commercial but then noticed from how they were speaking that it must be one of those contests they do on some stations to win a breast enlargement surgery. I was not paying too much attention and the volume was on low. Just as I was pulling into the parking lot of a local store I swear I hear the woman on the radio say the words "breast enhancement gum". Needless to say my first thought was "HUH?" and immediately turned up the volume. I had to have heard something wrong, right? You would think, but what on earth wording about breast enhancement could possibly sound like "GUM"?
I pull the truck into a parking space still paying close attention for the word gum again and sure enough she said it again "GUM". At this point I am awaiting the punch line, but the only one cracking jokes is the male radio host. The female voice is completely 100% serious and not for comedic value. She is serious because she is talking about a new product she had heard about. I still was thinking it has to be a joke and I somehow missed the punchline. My second thought was, "If this is for real my goodness what are the ingredients and how much damage are they going to do to the rest of a womans health?
I somehow managed to forget about this for most of the day. I just got busy and I forgot to jump on google when I returned home as I had planned to. Then early evening I stopped by dollar general and had to buy some first aid supplies, something with our metal scrapping business is of great necessity. The medical supplies and something the cashier said reminded me of the gum. I started telling her about the crazy thing I had heard on the radio this morning. Her feelings were the same as mine. Immediate shock & amazement and then the thoughts of what on earth is in this gum? I mean what could the ingredients be that instead of spending thousands of dollars on a dangerous surgery you can chew gum and your chest will not only grow, but become firmer as well. My husband had been waiting outside so as I exited the store I practically yelled across the parking lot about what I had forgotten to tell him I had heard on the radio this morning. I tell you when you yell something out about breast enlargement and the word gum peoples heads turn. I know the expressions well on their faces, I had same one on my face sitting in my truck this morning when I heard it for first time.
Now this time when I arrived home I was sure not to forget to open up Google and type in the curious keywords for search "Breast Enlarging Gum". Sure enough lots of returns popped up and right in the top 3 was one I decided I would check out as soon as I actually was finished putting groceries away. No need to tell you about where I put my stuff away or what fun I had cleaning out my fridge.... Lets talk about when I sat back down to the website that was awaiting me.
I had found the gum on a website by the name of there was a lot of info and I read the majority of the first page and then still I had many questions. At the bottom of the page there were two options one of which to find out more about the product and one to buy it right then. I can't imagine anyone would actually be like "oh sure you say it works and its natural it must be so - sign me up". Even though I did read on that first page it was natural and worked etc. I still wanted to know more about it. Mainly I wanted to know what made it work? How does the gum make you need a bigger bra and not a whole new wardrobe in a bigger size? Which actually the man on the radio this morning had said something about making bellies bigger eating something or another. I can't remember word for word but mainly along the lines of chewing gum with sugar might make you gain weight in turn increasing bust size just like donuts will make your waistline larger.
Basically from what I have learned even I am tempted by this gum. I am sure many women out there that are not 100% happy with their size and want to increase it or not happy with firmness etc. will certainly be tempted to try this product, especially when they read the part about "Puberty". Yep you read that right.... Puberty is how they explain what the "over 13 safe and carefully chosen herbs" do so women "Don’t suffer any longer with small or sagging breasts. Get the larger, fuller, firmer, more attractive breasts you deserve". They honestly have me 95% convinced from reading the website that not only does it sound like a safe method to try but also that the gum will actually produce results.
See us women know very well that one of the first signs of puberty is when our breasts begin to swell and get very sore. I read this statement on the website -  "During puberty, the female body naturally produces estrogens that promote the development of new tissue. These hormones determine the size, shape, and fullness of a woman's breasts. Lower levels of these hormones result in smaller, less developed breasts." and I must say that actually makes sense to me. Just think women who cannot afford to drop thousands on surgery, or are afraid of the risks of such a drastic cosmetic procedure or they just are worried about what people will think about "fake breasts" can now chew gum and let their body naturally grow their chest into a larger and firmer look. I like the sound of that don't you? Also it is not only for small chested women, it is for any woman that is not happy with sagging, or firmness is just not as good as it could be, or they are just not as full shaped as they would like. Seriously how many women does that cover?
Now if you want to try this gum out please look into it further. This is one site and there is a lot of information there. However keep in mind this is a site that also sells the breast enhancing gum and probably one of many (I cannot be sure it is the one I went to in order to satisfy curiosity). They are obviously going to have all high opinions about how well it works and not mention any bad effects it might have. Oh which by the way, I did see a link about other extra benefits but I didn't read on that far as of yet.
As with anything you consider whether it be a medication, a diet, excersize routine etc. please read up on it before jumping in. Make sure you are very well informed about anything you are going to be putting into your body. Everything I have written here is as someone who just heard about this miracle gum this morning and have only out of curiousity went to one website to find out what it is. Of course if I really decide to try it I will be checking out other websites, opinions and asking my doctor as well if he has heard of it and what he thinks.
If someone has really discovered a way to make chewing gum that truly works to make any kind of noticable difference in the size, shape and/or firmness of our breasts you can expect that in the near future 9 out of 10 women you run into are going to have nice full & firm breasts along with great breath!
* If I decide to actually give this a try I will run a separate blog and link to it from here. Yes, if I actually try this supposedly amazing chewing gum I will share my results with you as I go. This is extremely outside of my comfort zone of what I would normally share with anyone outside of my closest family & friends but if I try it and it works I know others would love to know so they can give it a whirl. On the other hand if I try it and find negatives to it or doesn't work at all then I only feel it is right to share so others don't waste their time. At this point I am thinking it sounds promising.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Storage Auction Regret - When You Wish You Had Bid


Personal Opinions on Letting Good Lockers Get Away

I haven't written anything in a few days and I had really been shooting to post something each day in 2013. I am sure I will more than catch up here in the next couple of weeks as I start posting more "How To" type blogs. For tonight though I want to talk about the storage lockers that get away.
Anyone who has every bid on units knows what I mean I am sure. When you have a bunch of auctions to attend in the day and early on you pass up on some that were probably pretty good bets just in case something better comes along. Big mistake usually, at least for us that is. I would be curious to hear from other buyers about the topic actually (leave a comment and tell us about it).
Today we went to different facilities each location having a small but decent amount of units. We really thought the odds were in our favor today. However it apparently just was not meant to be. Then again I really think we just hesitated too much, passed over pretty solid bets and at decent bids to wait for units later in the day. See you always bring a certain amount of cash with you and you will wind up kicking yourself if you surpass your budget and then miss out on that "Perfect Unit", but I am here now writing this so you can learn from my what I call - Rookie - mistake here. The "Perfect Unit" rarely exists and more than likely you will wind up at the end of the day going home empty handed and kicking yourself for passing up on a handful of perfectly decent lockers that you could have easily turned a profit on.
So they cut the lock - the door opens - you look inside and determine BY THE UNIT YOU ARE LOOKING AT NOT THE WHAT IF LATER UNIT - "Can I make A Profit? Do I see a Profit in this unit? How much am I willing to go on this unit? Then don't even think about the unit that might come along. Think about what is in front of you and work with the current. If you win and say you have spent your budget for the day. Then just get to work and don't even go on to other facilities or units to see what could have been if you had held out. This is how I feel at least. It is actually a good practice in life in general. Live each day not thinking about the "What Ifs" "What Could Have Beens" "What Might Happen Ifs" its one thing to dream, but these statements go hand in hand with regret and second guessing yourself. Not healthy in life, not healthy in units.
So tomorrow is another day. More units, only this time north of us and some we have never been to before actually. Tomorrow we are not even going to think about the "next facility". We are going to focus on each unit and what we think we should bid on that unit and what kind of profit it will be.
Don't get me wrong there are times in which you will want to hold out. Depending on if your heading to an area that you know some history on the units and are waiting on a special unit you know about.Also if you are really looking for say a unit with a lot of boxes or a lot of furniture and you come across a unit that is real good but not what you are looking for. Then I would say to think it through and come to final decision (quickly before bidding is over). In no way am I saying to jump on any unit just so you win something, NOT AT ALL! I am saying don't pass up multiple units that you see your profit in just because you want to find that big score. Remember the bread and butter of resale is normally in the smaller items that you sell more often not the big rare items that are occassional. Use that logic when choosing what units to bid on and when to wait it out.
Okay - enough of my rambling for one night. If you made it all the way down here I must say THANK YOU for reading this. Hope you were able to get something out of it even though it is more of a personal rambling on about my feelings on a subject about storage locker bidding and not a how to or anything real useful............... Next time we will get to more "Bread & Butter" Of Blogs.....
Head On Over To Our eBay Auctions - Link At Top Of Blog - Lots Of Prices Slashed Tonight BIG SALE - And Accepting ALL Reasonable Offers Too

1/10/2013 FOLLOW UP: We decided to wait one more day. We worked on picking up a bunch of scrap metal & taking it apart today to have ready to cash in tomorrow morning. We figured the units were kind of real far today and not many at each facility. Since we run into many where people pay last minute we figured instead of possibly just wasting a lot of gas we would work toward earning more investment money so tomorrow we can go to a couple with a bunch of units. One facility has 21 units going up for auction tomorrow. You can bet we will be there with bells on tomorrow....... Hopefully soon to come blog post about a great storage locker we win tomorrow.............

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Dad Wins Storage Unit & A Lesson Learned Hard Way

Well it is very late tonight, but as everyone knows the goal is at least one blog post a day. Tomorrow I plan to write about Storage unit auctions and the how to's and such since a lot of people ask us about it I figured it is time to share some info.

For tonight, before I head to bed I will leave you all with a story about how even with storage units, the old line "Never Judge A Book By It's Cover" stands true!


In November my father decided he wanted to spend his day off following an auction caravan with us. We all went to a few facilities and just was not anything that we really saw worth bidding too much on. We had to hold dad back practically he was a little over zelous and just wanted a unit so bad it was hard to talk him out of just blowing his money on just ANY unit.

Toward mid afternoon we wind up coming upon a unit that apparently most people were just not feeling like dealing with. It was kind of stuffed back in a short narrow hallway, very dark and it looked as if someone just shoveled everything in their home into the unit, literally with a shovel it seemed. Most everyone else walked on to the next unit to get an early look except my husband, myself and one other gentleman, who we figure out was a regular in the county we were in that day. The bidding started real low and I thought we were going to win it for just $20.00 but then the other gentleman decided he wanted it too. I think the fact that we were interested perked his interst - this happens a lot actually. We do it too, sometimes if someone seems real keen on a unit it sparks us to bidding too.

We wound up winning the unit for $100.00 at the end of the auctions at that facility we went to cash out (this particular facility didn't even collect the cleaning deposit) so we got our reciept and decided to lock it up and head to the next place. We were running out of time though as we were going to have to call it an early day since our scheduled babysitter could not stay too late. We decided to leave dad at the next facility and head back to ours to start loading the truck. We knew it was going to take two trips and was about almost an hour from home.

Well we are loading our truck and right away we notice certain things that we know for sure we can turn around quick and already have our hundred back and be into profit. This is always the best part - when you are part way through emptying the unit and already seeing profit. Next thing I know dad is ringing my cell like crazy. It was on the seat in the truck and I hadn't realized I missed about a dozen calls from him. He wanted to bid on a unit but wasn't sure if he should. He was trying to call us for an opinion. By the time I got back to him it was too late. Over zelous as he was this day he couldn't help himself. Luckily he only spent 120.00, it was late in the day and the crowd was hot and just wanted to go home for the most part.

He was very excited and explained to me how he got an even better unit. How it was completely loaded with neatly packed boxes and antique furniture, lots of tires with alluminum rims etc. Now if you recall from above we are all over an hour away from our homes, and we already have a 2 trip unit as it is. Now dad has won a unit that is 4 times as much stuff as ours AND has a bunch of furniture in it. My dad also has a pick up like us, but his is one of those small pick ups. He didn't even have his trailor and we were getting ready to head home and relieve the babysitter. Bad bad planning here on dads part.

The facility gives dad until Monday to get the stuff out, ours said the same to us. It was a Friday and I find it is pretty common with Friday auctions places will give you the whole weekend. So we go load up the rest of our unit on Saturday and then head over to meet dad at his to help him out. Oh my, now this was the first I had seen his "Gold Mine" as he called it. He was right there was TONS of stuff. It was easy to see he would make his money back just scrapping the alluminum rims alone. He had never considered though when bidding that he needed to factor in gas. With all the stuff he had and our truck practically full it was going to be yet another trip for BOTH of our trucks to finish his unit on Sunday as well.

To make a long story short and get to the point of this story.... We get everything back to our home (yes his unit came to our house too - thanks Dad). He was so excited and happy with things he saw I didn't have the heart to tell him what I had already discovered while the guys were unloading the unit and I was re-packing boxes to make more room. Most of dads items were boxes of holiday decorations, the glassware that said made in Italy that he thought was so wonderful actually was pretty recent and I had noticed the "Big Lots" price tags on them.

The bad planning and him not wanting to make yet another trip forced him to not pack his truck as well as normal and he lost a PS2 game system and games on the highway (totally destroyed), thankfully did not cause an accident or hit anyones car. Overall dads unit was a lot of work, a lot of gas money and A LOT of time & labor and most of the stuff is still at my house.I did manage to scrap the RIMS after he had me list them for over a month because they were Jag rims and he was convinced they would sell for way more than scrap. So to date I have managed to double his money and actually saved me a bunch of money since I now have enough gift wrap, party supplies, and every holiday decoration you can imagine to last for at least 10 years or more. I only recently told him what happened that day.

Dad got overly excited, and thought because we paid $100 on a real messy looking unit and had told him how we would make at least a grand back on it, that in turn if he got the neatly packed unit with the antique furniture (also still got that some of it on eBay now actually) he figured he would make double what we would. What he didn't notice were key signs that the unit was mainly Dollar General, Big Lots, knock off type items and a bunch of holiday decor (from same type stores). Now IF his unit had been closer to home then I would agree $120 was not bad at all for what was in it. However when you factor in distance, how many trips, labor, time.... Then in the end you learn that the untidy 2 trip unit that you could "see" certain things because they were not even in boxes was a much better bet than the neatly packed mystery items unit. Needless to say Dad hasn't bid since that day on any units.

Now the reason I have told you all this story. I wanted to share this with everyone who is thinking of going to storage auctions so they don't make the same mistakes my poor dad did. The most important lesson learned here is - It doesn't matter if the unit is ONE DOLLAR - if it is located 1/2 way around the world and your going to have to make 6 trips and need a team of people just to unload it - is the profit REALLY going to be worth it? Probably not, you might find a hidden GEM but in reality it is doubtful. So please everyone use common sense, and don't be too over zelous!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Research & Selling On eBay & Item To Re-Sell I Wont Pass On Anymore

Even though I have been selling online since 1997 and have used all different selling venues both online and off I honestly tell you that there is no way in the world to know everything about everything! However a very smart thing to do is dedicate a certain amount of time each day, or week to researching what is selling.
This evening I spent a good deal of time researching. I like to do at least a little research every day. There is so much to remember and even though I make lists I cannot sift through all of them while out treasure hunting. I find that by going through and seeing what others are selling over the years I have been able to remember more and more all of the time. Sure a lot of times I take a chance if the price is right, a lot of what I do is actually based on getting lucky. I always ask myself "If I get this will I at least be able to make my money back on it?" Of course I am not in this to just break even but what would be worse is losing money and this is why before taking a chance I ask myself this question every time.

 One Of The Most Interesting Things I Learned Today

I didn't just happen across this on eBay. I belong to eBay groups on FaceBook and other places. I scan through the groups to see what everyone is sharing & I am active in some of them. I have a favorite but that is for another blog post this week. It was in my favorite group that I came across this information about the Picture sleeves (the thin paper envelope inside the cardboard sleeve of 45 records aka record sleeve). I will be looking more closely at 45's in the record section from now on.
1. Those old 45 records I am always passing on because I just have never gotten into figuring out which records sell - well they have another selling point. One that actually stands to make a HUGE profit if you come across some of the rare ones. Like this one below
and here is the actual eBay auction in which it sold
Also it is not just a rare case. I searched for 45 Record Picture Sleeve in closed auctions. First I searched high to low. Learning Beattles is one of the real good ones, Supremes, and basically a lot of well known names. Go ahead and give it a whirl searching high to low. Then I searched low to high. Seeing if there was a ton of 99 cents ones that closed with no bids. I found that the low ones, the not so special ones also sold. Much lower prices but this would answer that question I always ask myself about will I at least make my money back. Then I searched the most recent closed listings. I did see ones that didn't sell but I always take into account that you have things that ended at a bad time, seller has bad feedback, or bad pictures/description.
Overall I am looking at this as an item I really don't stand to lose on. I like those kinds of items. Not as much as I would like to find Supremes or Beattles etc. I will be picky and I am sure I will miss some that are hot that I didn't remember. If the price is right, usually I can get them free or up to 25 cents each and thats a pretty right in my book, then I think I am going to give these a whirl.
I will do a follow up after I list some and see what the outcome is. Watch for the soon to come (in the next few weeks) blog post about how this newly learned information turned out. From the RESEARCH  it seems that this is going to be one of those things I never over-look again and might just find that rare treasure down here with so many records just tossed to the curb and to Thrift Stores each and every day. A lot of thrift stores even throw a ton of them away. Hmmmm dumpster diving in the future for records? Hey if I can find I $3000.00 piece of paper in a dumpster with old records in it. I will jump in head first, and not even care who is looking......... Like you wouldn't???
Seriously though..... try some keyword search research with this newfound information & see what you can find in your area or maybe its in your attic or closet right now collecting dust...... 

Friday, January 4, 2013

3 Items That Sell Very Well On eBay & Where To Find Them

Your not going to make millions with these. However you can earn a decent profit by buying cheap and reselling on eBay. This is just a quick short list of 3 items that have a real good sell through rate and are not that hard to find.

I highly suggest to always research auctions closed in the last 60 days on eBay before making any investments because trends can change quickly and I wouldn't want you running out and buying 20 of something that has gone cold or it is just the wrong time of year to be selling it. Trying to figure out things to re-sell on eBay is a question I get very often from friends, family and strangers alike. I don't mind sharing information as the web is a very large place to sell, as is eBay and I doubt sincerely these types of items will become harder to sell just because I share the ideas with others.
1. SCRABBLE TILES: I learned around 5 or so years ago that scrabble tiles (just the tiles not whole games) are a good seller. Crafters purchase them in lots in order to make jewelry and other items. The items they make they are able to sell for very good prices (just keyword search on eBay for scrabble tile bracelet or necklace or the sort to see examples) - Older tiles either in the dark red color, black or the normal tan with dark brown letters both sell really well.STICK TO WOOD TILES not the plastic ones. The bigger the lot the higher the price.

Where to find:
Any kind of yard, garage or estate sale & thrift/consignment shops also.

What To Pay?
I buy the games for $0.25 cents to $3.00

How to best sell them on eBay: Make the lots at least 300 (is my opinion) unless it is a very old game then a smaller lot of 98 tiles would be fine to turn over for between $15 - $20. Break your tiles up into lots putting all the ones from the older games into a lot together (also the different colors separate red ones into one lot natural into another and so on). BIG LOTS do BEST - Take GOOD PHOTOS. Make sure all the tiles are facing with letters up. I like to show both sides as well. The more photos your lot has showing the details of the tiles the better price you will get. Also as mentioned the bigger the lot the better the final price. Recently I saw a lot of 1000 tiles sell for $90. 300 tiles at 29.00 - 400 tiles at 39.00 just keyword search scrabble tiles and you will get a good idea.

Myself personally I always buy any scrabble tile game I find that is under $3.00 for the game. Sometimes I will spend a little more depending on how old the game is or if they are red or black tiles, something like that. I NEVER buy the plastic ones so I cannot give advice on those. I have now noticed too that the Wood trays in the game that you put the letter on are ALSO SELLING. They don't sell for as much but since you are going to have them you might as well put them asside and when you get a decent amount list the tile holders in a lot as well. I figure if you can make even more by selling those as well, there is no point in just throwing them away.

2. Mens Hair Regrowth: This is one that I only found out recently. If you do a keyword search on eBay you will see that pretty much anything "Mens Hair Regrowth" will sell very well.

Where to find?
Close Out Stores, sometimes places like Dollar Stores as well. You can find these at yard sales but it makes me leary not knowing how they were stored when buying at a yard sale.

What To Pay?
Personally I look for ones that are $5.00 or under. Rogaine is a good name brand if you can get any Rogaine product new for under $5.00 I would grab it. Off brands sell as well though. For instance key word search on eBay closed auctions for "CVS Hair Regrowth" you will notice even though off brands have a very good sell through rate.

3. Ballet Slippers: Another recent item I have found that has a real good sell through rate is Ballet Slippers. Especially black ones. Not just for dancers but many women like a nice pair of black ballet slippers to slip into their purse (aka Emergency Flats) - For when you break a heel or just have been wearing your heels way too long and the feet need a break. Ballet slippers fit even in small purses.

Where to find?
Garage,yard,estate sales & Consignment/thrift stores (also can find actual packs of "emergency flats" and other types like them at close out stores as well)

What to Pay?
Me personally - I will pay up to $3.00 for a nice pair in great condition. If they are new in a box or packaging I might with some go as high as $5.00. This is something you need to keyword search on eBay to get an idea of brand names to look for and special colors etc. Now at the close out stores I will go up to $4.00 (again depending on brand) for new actual "Emergency Flats" and other types like them.

(Remember when putting a title on your auction with these and in your description to not just single out that they are ballet slippers for danice BUT also great emergency flats as well) This way you are expanding your buying audience for those that have not thought of using them for that yet.

MY GOAL: To help others by sharing some knowledge I have acquired selling online on and off since 1997. I hope that others will take this advice and use it to earn some money themselves as I know times are hard. This Does Not Mean However Permission To Copy or Sell My Lists,Guides or anything found on my blog. Please use the information to grow yourself a successful business or to earn a little pocket money with easy sell items or advice you find. Plagerism is illegal and just not nice.THANK YOU very much for understanding

*note: All tips are things that I have found to work for me. Offered both inside the USA and Internationally. Some I do free shipping some I don't. I do not charge high handling costs and I do combine shipping. These things need to be factored in when deciding what will sell best for you.

Step By Step How To Earn Money With Broken Lamps

Before our family got back into selling online we spent a couple of years growing a business doing Hauling & Metal Scrapping (aka Metal recycling). We are known local "scrappers" and we have continued to do this even now, although not on a daily basis. We get questions all of the time that range from - where do you find the items you scrap? to How to take certain items apart to make the most money? I have never written instructions on how to disasemble an item to earn a profit before, so please bare with me.This will be the first of many to come.I will be trying in the future to make them more like instruction format. This guide is just going to cover a simple item to dismantle and turn in to your local metal recyler for the most profit, and what to do with leftover non-metal parts.  
A simple basic lamp, it is an item you can find many of. When a lamp stops working most people do not bother trying to repair it and just toss it out to the curb, or in a dumpster. When your out running errands you probably see at least a few out for trash a week. This week when you see them instead of passing them by decide to throw them in the back of your truck, or in the trunk of your car. An average lamp does not have tons of metal or extras for recycling, but they are out there aplenty and what you can get from them will add up. Also I will share with you other ways to make money with an old lamp that no longer works.

Ok, so now you have some broken lamps. Some might have metal bases, some might have a big glass bottom, some may be made of wood. Any lamp that the base is not broken, try to dismantle and keep the base part in one piece. The reason is this.... if the base is NOT metal I will be sharing with you other ways to use that part of the lamp to add to your profit from the broken lighting.
The first thing you will notice is most lamps are as simple as unscrewing a few different sections. You will also notice that besides the part of the cord/wire that you always see, there is also a good amount of wire that runs through the inside of the lamp. Removing the wire from the lamp in most cases is very simple once you unscrew the pieces of the lamp the cord in most cases is as simple as pulling it out away from the other pieces. Also in most cases at this point the majority of your lamp is taken apart. Sometimes you may have to cut the end of the cord if you cannot get the plug end through. Cut as close to the plug end as possible. Put your plug ends in a container dedicated just to those and do the same with your wire. Most lamp cords are considered to be #2 wire. Which falls in the middle, it is not the best priced type of wire but not the least either. Set aside the base and anything else that is not metal in a separate pile.
Now you will need a magnet. A really good trick to getting a magnet that is really strong but will cost you nothing is to take apart a speaker. Inside speakers there is always a magnet. The bigger the speaker, the bigger and stronger the magnet. This is just a quick tip on one way to save money by getting a much needed supply completely free. Now take your magnet and test it against each piece of metal. Even if the metal appears to be the same, test against each separate piece. I have found many of times there will be a lamp that appears to be brass but then turns out the biggest pieces stick to a magnet, which means those pieces are actually in fact steel. Now any parts that stick to a magnet put in a separate pile that is just for steel. Steel will wind up normally always being your biggest pile. Many people only want to bother with the precious or semi precious metals, but trust me when I tell you don't pass up on the steel, as it can be the bread and butter of your scrapping paycheck.
Now take any metals that did not stick to your magnet. You want to figure out what these metals are. Most places you will be taking your metal to will also help you when you are in doubt and as you are learning your way around the scrapping ins and outs. Never be afraid to ask questions. Now here for one example I will use brass. It is one of the more common precious metals you will find with lamps. Now the pieces that appeared to be brass and did not stick to the magnet, while they may really be brass they could also be something else such as aluminum or die-cast. The best way to tell if it is really brass that I have found is to take a knife or an old screw driver tip and scratch into the pieces, if they have a brass, yellowish metal underneath where you have scratched.... then you have brass and it should go into a separate bucket or tub just like your wire, and your plug ends buckets. Now what if it wasn't yellow underneath? If it turned out to be just average metal color under, then how I always tell is if it is a softer bendable metal then what you most likely have is alluminum, if it is very hard but breaks easily when hit on the ground or with a hammer then that is die cast. Both of these types of metal should also be separated into their own piles or buckets.
Now once you have tested all of your metals from your lamp and separated all the components, you will see the best thing to do is continue filling your buckets, or tubs for a while until you have at least a few pounds of each item. I personally like to have at least 500 lbs of steel, 10-20 lbs of plug ends, 10 lbs or more of wire, etc. I am sure you get the idea here. Really it depends on a few things. How close is the recycler to your home? How does your recycler feel about small amounts? How much space do you have to store up your metals before turning them in? Finally, what kind of transportation will you be taking it in. See if you only are working with your backseat and your trunk in a small car you will want to turn in more often smaller loads, but if you have a truck then it would be better to wait and save up a good amount and turn in less frequently.

Now all that should be left at this point is possibly a lightbulb, and whatever the base was made from if it was not a metal base, also possibly a lampshade. If the lampshade was in good condition or could be cleaned then that can be sold exactly for what it is, a lampshade. If it is a simple lampshade you can always add some trim or buttons, etc. and dress it up to make it a better sell. I have never tried selling lampshades on eBay but might be worth looking into. Myself I save them for once a month yard sales or local swap meets and flea markets.
Now the lightbulb, this is only if you really want to go all the way with the metal right down to the tiniest bit. I personally throw away the lightbulbs, however they do have a little bit of metal on the bottom of them, and normally that metal is aluminum. Test with your trusty magnet to be sure. Be sure to wear gloves for this part also. Now you don't want to just smash it and get little pieces of glass everywhere, and also many times lightbulbs can have gases in them that just is not a good thing to be breathing in. Take an old towel or old piece of clothing and wrap the bulb inside, lay it on the ground, now you can smash it with a hammer or any other hard object. Unwrap from towel carefully over a garbage bag or can to ensure not getting glass everywhere. Carefully, remove the little piece of metal. If when tested it did not stick to magnet then you have a little piece of aluminum, which this type is refered to as "sheet". Sheet should have a bucket all of its own. Another example of sheet metal is the aluminum siding on a mobile home, or possibly a metal shed if not magnetic is normally sheet aluminum. Those are examples of bigger pieces of sheet, what you have from the lightbulb is a very small amount and will need to be saved up a very long time to amount to anything, but if you don't want to waste any metal and have the space for a tub or bucket to dedicate for it, you might as well do it.
Now down to the last bit of the lamp. If you had a ceramic base, or a base other than metal. Ceramic bases can be turned into a planter normally very easily. When you look at it all by itself you will realize right away what I mean. Also if the base is unique enough you can take a working lamp that is not that pretty or interesting and mix & match by taking apart the working one and using the parts and wire with the nicer more interesting base, making an all new lamp you can resell. Be careful if making another lamp to look up a "How To" guide on eBay since you will be working with electricity and you don't want to make any mistakes. Also bases can have fake floral and plants put inside of them to make a nice table decoration. Wooden bases many times are great to use for other crafts, I am not big on turning the wood ones into other things currently, however if they are in good shape I do sell them at meets, and yard sales. I have found there is usually a buyer for everything and anything as long as it is in good shape.
I hope this helps someone getting started scrapping metal. I am sure I have not answered every question you may have, but if not don't be shy use the comments section I will reply. I just wanted to do this first guide on scrapping a simple, basic, and easy to find item. I will also be writing guides on other household items and how to take them apart for recycling profits very soon. Keep an eye out for more guides to come. Also if you have any questions or have a specific item you would like me to write about, just let me know. This is how I personally take apart a lamp. Many scrappers have their own ways. I just know what works for us and am happy to share any advice I can give to help someone else turn scrap into a few bucks, either for pocket money or to start a business

Love My International Customers & Happy To Work With Them

As an eBay seller I have always felt the best chance of selling an item is offering it not only in the USA but internationally as well. I have sold online on and off and on different selling venues since 1997. I have ALWAYS shipped internationally. YES shipping costs can be very high. YES sometimes there are packages that go missing and YES sometimes buyers will complain about extra fees they get charged at customs when they pick up the package or the time it took to arrive. Over the years I have had very few issues overall, and even less international ones.
Most international customers I have found are very honest and just want to save a few dollars or be able to buy an item that is either hard, or impossible to find in their area. Most understand that shipping costs will be higher when they order from a seller in the USA. Most also are patient and understand that in some cases it can take up to 6 weeks before their package arrives. In my honest opinion I believe if you cut out the international market you really are losing a very big percentage of possible sales.
I do however have issues with eBays shipping calculator and flat cost also for international buyers. I personally do not like to do the system of adding a certain dollar amount per item for combined shipping because in many cases it will come out much higher than shipping actually is. There seems to be no simple way to offer a real nice savings with combined shipping for my international buyers unless they contact me and let me know what items they are wishing to purchase and combine the shipping for. I am always more than happy to use flat rate boxes and stuff them as full as possible to save money, whether it be inside the USA or Internationally. IF IT ALL FITS. Also whenever eBay somehow winds up overcharging my customer for shipping I ALWAYS do a partial shipping refund. I believe my buyers are happy to see that they are dealing with a seller who DOES NOT profit from shipping charge mistakes, I know I would be if I were in their shoes.
Communication is really the key to successful international sales especially when you combine your shipping. I actually think I am going to start putting a statement in each of my listings letting international buyers know that I am more than willing to work with them to get them the best shipping rate possible for one purchase or combined but they MUST contact me for the BEST rates. I will see if adding the statement increases international sales even more.I know whether your from the USA or somewhere else EVERYONE loves to save $$. 
The language barrier - I have run into this a few times, and I  will admut I was extremely frustrated. A couple of the sales fell through even though I did everything I could think of to help the customers. When you cannot understand each other in messages it just makes it next to impossible no matter how hard you try. This is rare though and I have noticed now there are some free translators online, back when it happened I was not aware of these. If I run into it again I believe I am going to give those a shot and see how it works out.Really though all you can ever do is your best and if it doesn't work out at least you know you did everything you possibly could to help your buyer.  
I believe if you keep it honest, don't overcharge on shipping, combine for your customers, clearly state answers to frequently asked questions in your auctions, and let your buyers know that they are responsible for duties, and other charges from the delivering company or customs (this is not shipping cost), also let them know before making a purchase to check with their customs regulations so they do not wind up with refused or confiscated packages. Then overall your experience offering your items internationally should be 99% of the time pleasant and profitable. I have found this to be true & honestly I would not cancel my international shipping. My Items will ALWAYS be available to the world........

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Simple Good Item to Sell On eBay During December & January Months

So Simple I almost Completely Forgot About This One Myself

Every person that sells on eBay or would like to sell on eBay spend a good amount of time trying to figure out what to sell and when to sell it. Research is always the key and I have to add that remembering what basic items are hot at certain times each year is good too.
I had seen some items go on sale here today and there was a bunch of calendars for your wall that were 16 months 2013 ones with very nice themes actually. I wish it would have dawned on me sooner because what I forgot was this.....
December & January calendars are always a basic good seller on eBay. Just go take a look at eBay closed auctions put in key words to search like "2013 wall calendar" or if you want to see how certain ones do try something like "2013 wall calendar dogs" what you will find is almost every single one sells. Most for between $6.00 all the way up to $29.00 and more.
Now the key here is you need to have some stores local to you that sell Calendars at a resonable price so you can make a decent profit. Here in my area I can actually get them for 1.00 or less at times but it is not like that all over the country, or world for that matter. Also it could be that someone wants a calendar that showcases a certain animal, castles, or sexy ladies & men. What if they cannot find the kind they want in their area? What if they are looking for one for a friend who loves elephants but there is none to be found where they live? Thats where you come in.....
Now this is only for people who can find calendars at a good price local to them. I would start by researching the closed auctions on eBay and get a good idea of the ones that have the best sell through rate and for the highest prices. Then take a list of the types out shopping with you. Also I would start with a dozen or less of different kinds, depending on how much you have to pay out per calendar. Then get them up on eBay fast as the best time that I am sure they sell real good is December & January for obvious reasons.
Auction or Buy It Now? I would use a buy now option on an auction or list as fixed price for calendars. In most cases you pretty much know what this type of item is going to sell for (unless you just happen to be the only person with specific calendar then auction it). So post what you are asking and if your doing fixed price it is a good idea to let the buyers send you a "Best Offer" as well and depending on what they offer you can decide if the profit is still good enough that you want to accept it.
Well I know this is a pretty simple & sweet blog post tonight. I am pretty darn tired today but I did want to stick to my New Years Resolution of at least one blog post a day. I really hope this helps someone out there. I know I like when someone tips me off to something I can re-sell pretty well or reminds me of something that I completely forgot about like this.
Come on back tomorrow to see what I decide to write about next, Over on the right side you can click on "Follow this Blog" so you never miss a thing  ..................

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How To List Your Books On eBay & Increasing Odds Of Selling Them

When I first started selling online I used to hang out in an AOL chatroom dedicated to eBay. Mostly eBay sellers frequented the chatroom and the regulars were very friendly and helpful. I actually learned a lot from those AOL eBay addicts (I believe that was actually the name of the chatroom too). One in particular though did so well selling books on eBay and I could not understand why the books I listed didn't sell even when I dropped the price to only 99 cents. To this day the things the book man taught me I still put into practice when listing books, and actually he is in the back of my mind with anything I list for sale.... description.... description and of course PICTURES!!!
I know a lot of people figure that if someone is looking for a book they will type in the title, find one in good shape for a good price and buy it. The seller is assuming that the person is 100% sure always exactly which book they want and will know by the look of the cover and that title. So many times sellers just pop up one photo of the cover of a book and simply put in the most minimal basic title and author info and thats all. Many times they are counting on eBays pre-filled info if they were lucky enough to find the exact book they are selling. The pre-filled info however is not always all there.
Next time you list a book for sale imagine being in a book store shopping for a book. Imagine you are interested in redecorating your home & organizing. You go find the home & garden or Do It Yourself section of the store and what do you do next? You scan the titles and see one you like, and next YOU PICK UP THE BOOK. Do you right away put it in your basket just by seeing the cover, title and author? No way, there is no way you are going to do that. Even if you were looking for a specific title you will still always look at the back, read at least some of the back or inside front cover, you will flip through a few pages and so on. Then only after checking it out you will make the final decision on whether you want to make this purchase. Think of eBay the same way. I mean you wouldn't ever just throw that book into your basket without looking it over and making sure it is what you want, and a customer will not put one missing the info in their virtual basket either.
There are some out there that do not bother to put anything in the description section at all. If your lucky they usually will at least say something brief about the condition of the book but show you nothing more than the cover. Condition is something that opinions can vary, and can vary widely. This is where even with books multiple photograps - the cover, the back, inside cover front & back, Title page, and even some photos of a few pages from the inside of book.
Okay, so now after all that I am sure you see my point here. The lessons I learned from the book man actually made the difference of whether I would sell a book for 99 cents or that same book for $25.00 or $50.00. This is the basic breakdown of what I learned and have used most of the time (even I get lazy sometimes but I pay for it in lack of bids when I do).

The Steps To Listing Your Books & Getting Highest Price For Them

1. Hunt down some good books at Yard sales, Library sales, thrift stores, etc. Some good ones off the top of my head I would suggest to look for are books on Wars (especially with photos), Real estate how to books from 80's or before (I sold one from the 80's for 499.00 on Amazon once), Vintage Cook Books usually do pretty good too and some of the older Betty Crocker first editions I have sold for $50.00 and up. Do some research in closed auctions to get an idea of books to look for. Books are aplenty out there and usually just a couple bucks or less.
2. Take photos of the books. Each book you should photograph the cover, the back, the spine, inside front cover, title page, inside back cover (only if there are marks or something there to show), and ALWAYS photograph at least a few pages from inside the book if it is illustrated, if not then one page will be fine.
3. Use eBays pre-filled information if it is available. Some books have the pre-filled info filled in very nicely with all the info about the book someone could want. In these cases just make sure your book is exactly the same one as the pre-filled info. If there is no pre-filled info or if it is seriously lacking then the next step is to let the buyer know the subject, characters if possible, copy the description from the back cover (or inside dust cover flap), if you have read the book even including your own opinion is not a bad idea at all (as long as you liked it). If you are listing a cook book LIST THE RECIPES. Sometimes if I am being lazy I will list the table of contents or chapters and some of the recipes. Always however put a recipe count, how many are there total? Number of pages is also something people like to know with any book. Basically DESCRIBE fully in detail.
4. Now only thing left is to describe the condition. Don't just use one word conditions like its "great" or "readable" or "okay". If you say it is in "Great" condition make a note of why.... "Great condition no highlighting or writing in book, no dog earred pages, binding is super tight only minimal normal wear from average or light use". If there is something above present be sure to let the buyer know, even if it is just a previous owners name inside front cover, let them know about it. Normally they will not care about these little things, but buyers don't like surprises so keep them informed of even the little things is how I feel about it.
5. All that is left to do is make sure that auction title includes the title of the book the author publication date etc. Use all space available for key words about your book. If you find you are short on space you can always use only the authors last name or sometimes I will leave out the little "a" or "the" or "of" type words in a title if I have to in order to fit all the much needed key words in title that are more commonly searched for than the word "of" etc. Make sure you have it listed in the right category - books: Non Fiction, Fiction, Childrens etc.
Yep I learned all that in an aol eBay Addicts chat room way back in 1997 & 1998. The book seller I met back then showed me how important it is to give buyers as much information as possible to help them to want to purchase your item. It carried over into other items as well not just books. I try to always follow what he taught me back then. Now it is just kind of second nature. Also most sellers know all about key words, and describing fully etc. However for some reason when it comes to books sometimes sellers just drop the ball due to not wanting to put that kind of time into listing just one book. However many books can sell for very high amounts...... if described correctly.

Little Things I Forgot To Mention Above

*NOTE: Another thing that can make a big difference as well is what edition is the book? Make sure to let the buyer know if it states "First Edition".

*NOTE: I also find that usually I prefer doing books with a Buy It Now Price or in a Fixed Price Listing with Best Offer. Most books do not get multiple bids from what I have seen. Always do your research to be sure.
*NOTE: Also when selling books that you have gotten from yard sales, thrift stores etc. let the buyer know that you were not the original owner this way they will know that you do not know for sure if they have always been in a completely smoke & pet free home. ALWAYS if it smells weird or bad to you though do not list it like that. IF you can remove the smell - for good & completely - then do that before listing. If you cannot remove it then don't list it OR if it is a really great book and you want to take a spin with it anyway BE SURE to mention if it has a musty smell or anything out of ordinary.
*NOTE: I will be writing other blog posts with larger lists of books to watch for, and will be posting about how to sell books on Amazon in the future as well.  
I hope this helps in getting your books sold..... Best of luck and wishing you many sold books in 2013 and for years to come.......

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My First Opinion Of Storage Wars NY Show & Cast

So We Watched The First Two Episodes Tonight - Storage Wars New York

January 1st 2013 seems like all day Storage Wars episodes were playing on our television. We got to see the new episodes of the Texas Show we had been looking forward to seeing Moe & Mary, Jenny, Ricky, Bubba, and even Victor. Also tonight was the first ever episodes of Storage Wars New York. Now I must say when I saw the previews for the New York show I really did not think I would care for the show. My thoughts were there really usually is nothing as good as an original with anything, and they got lucky that the Texas show was a hit what were the odds that another Storage Wars show would be anything more than just outdone and overplayed. Also hubby and I both being originally from NY worried that NY stereo-types might be put into over-drive which would just kill it for us completely.
Then someone I follow on Twitter was telling me how she had been talking to some of the people from the show and how they were really nice and if they were any reflection of what the show would be like that it should be real good.So I started following some of the people from the show on Twitter as well, and she was right they do seem to be real nice people as far as I can tell. Out of all of them I have to say that Mike is very active in speaking with Storage Wars fans, and takes a good amount of time responding to people, even noticed when I had tweeted about me and the family being sick and took the time out of his day to wish us well.
They aired 4 new episodes of Storage Wars tonight (Jan 1st) to kick off the New Year, two of which were the New York show. Some of the people on it I took to right away. Mike of course as I had already spoken to him online, been to his website, and read an article about him in an online version of a NY newspaper so I already knew I would like him.
I enjoyed the show overall, but I have to also say that I felt there was a certain element missing. I can't really put my finger on it yet. I think maybe it is that "hey that could be me" feeling is missing, at least for myself. Heck if I can explain why though. Maybe I will figure this odd feeling out or it will go away as more shows air.
My original worries of Storage Wars just being over played and repetitive and also the concern that the show might get into over doing New York stereo-type stuff thankfully were NOT an issue, at least for us. We enjoyed seeing the finds and got a kick out of seeing the units contents come crumbling down a few times, as it is something you deal with in this business and we know it all too well - got the bumps, bruises and scars to prove it.
The Main Players On The New York Show:
Courtney Wagner & Candy Olsen - The first girl duo on Storage Wars. They strike me as quirky and fun. They are on the hunt for Vintage clothing which I know a little bit about, especially how you can turn a real good profit with it. I found I can relate to the girls pretty easily which made the scenes with them enjoyable for me. I also love how they got themselves a van to sell vintage clothing out of. I think it is a grand idea, especially in a busy city like New York it is called C&C Pop Up Store. Which I also think is very catchy and they got my mind racing with ideas (thanks girls). I really think I am going to enjoy watching them winning units....
Mike Braiotta is the cool guy. I mean no sarcasm there at all. He is really nice and down to earth (as I mentioned above about him on Twitter). I knew he would be one of my favorites before I even watched the shows tonight. He is looking for items he can turn fast, and from what I can tell Mike can move just about anything quickly. He comes across as tough but I have a feeling he is a big softy at home with the wife and kids. With the way he views the units and quickly determines how fast he can turn a profit he will be a good reminder to other sellers not to sit on that inventory to long. Its about making a profit not turning your home/business into a storage unit.
Joe Pauletich aka Joe P. he has been in the business for over 20 years and reminds me of New Yorks version of Barry Weiss from the original Storage Wars show. However I am sorry Joe, as far as collector off the wall older men go Barry still is tops in my book. I kind of got a mixed feeling with Joe, however I do think he will grow on me. He just is, well a little odd with the whole "feeling" whats in the lockers, and time to go get to know his unit. To me it almost seemed like he was referring to the storage units as if they were a new found friend. Nothing bad about him, just know I will have to see more of him before I am sure how I feel about Joe. I will say I am 100% sure he is very good at what he does. Not the feeling the unit, what I mean is knowing what to look for and knowing what he has found. I felt as if he really did not need to get his items checked out that he knew right away what they were and what the value would be for him reselling them.
Chris Morelli & Tad Eaton are the male duo. Like Ricky & Bubba from the Texas show. With many differences though. First of all I took to the Texas show guy duo very quickly and loved them right from the start. Chris & Tad were the two on this show that actually stood out the least to me. Maybe I just missed some of them with my moody 7 month old going through teething, but they just didn't seem to stand out among the rest. What I mean is that tomorrow I will quickly be able to recall scenes and lines from tonights 2 shows from everyone else on the show except these two except one of them seems to have to smell everything he finds. Like Joe I will have to see more before I make any kind of final judgement. They are obviously very knowledgable when it comes to vintage, antiques and refurbishing items which would make sense considering they were owners of the Frayed Knot vintage store, which as far as I understand was devestated by Hurricane Sandy. At this moment I am unsure if they re-opened or not.
Then you have your Auctioneer. One man, John Luke. Now the auctioneer just doesn't get the film time the other's do on Storage Wars so it takes more time to get to know them. What I gather so far is he has been doing this for many years and comes off to me as being all business and knows how to hustle with the best of them. I liked the way he explained the rules of the auction though, practically on the verge of threating. I recall him saying something to the effect of "don't even THINK about going in or touching anything in the unit" that is not an exact quote but its how I remember it. His way of calling out the rules of the auction got more than a chuckle from me, and my husband declared "Yep that is New York Style Storage Auctions, don't even think about it"..........

Quick List - Top 5 Ways To Find Inventory To Sell on eBay

5 Ways To Find Inventory To Re-Sell On eBay 

Whether you sell on eBay or another online selling venue here are some ways to get inventory

1. Garage Sales - almost always treasures to be found. It is usually best to stick with the unusual items or items you are familar with. We try to keep our eBay stocked with a little bit of everything, but the best advice I can give is to stick to what you know as it is easier to sell things you know something about. Also unusual items that you don't see every day 9 times out of 10 there will be at the very least 2 other people in the world who think it is as cool as you did.
2. Estate Sales - No they are not the same as garage sales. True estate sales most commonly are held inside. Usually the house will be opened up and everything inside will be up for grabs. You will find most of the time that you are able to purchase ANYTHING from inside the closets to under the kitchen sink. Double check with whomever is running the sale to make sure if any room or spots inside the home are off limits. These kinds of sales are often held when someone has passed on and a family member will either hire someone to sell contents of home OR do themselves. If it is being run by family members most of the time you can find some really outstanding treasures.
3. Storage Unit Auctions - This is a chance to really stock up on a lot of inventory for one winning bid. There is a chance of finding a hidden treasure, or as Darrell Sheets from the popular show Storage Wars would say "The WOW Factor". However most of the time you are not going to strike it rich or even close with a Storage Unit. I can tell you however from experience that you can find plenty of inventory. Just last Fall (2012) we won a unit for only $100 that we more than doubled our money on in less than 72 hours and since then we made approx $800.00 from items found in it.
4. Your Own Home - One of the easiest no investement ways to find inventory to sell on eBay is as simple as cleaning out your closets, attic, basement, garage and so on. You would be amazed at the things that are right there in your home taking up space or just collecting dust. Those unwanted gifts that got shoved under the bed, or the boxes in your basement that have been there since you first moved in. All of those things you have that you have more than one of, no use for, are too big, too small, outdated (aka vintage) ha ha ha, and well you get the idea here. Get them out, clean them up and get them listed - turn your clutter into cash in your bank!
5. Discountinued Items -  This is actually one that I often forget about. However the money you can earn selling discontinued toys, hair care, cleaning products, etc. is really astonishing. Now I am not talking about re-called items. I am strictly talking discontinued. There is a HUGE difference. Items that have been re-called should NEVER be listed for sale. However if a company decided to stop making a certain hair gel or make-up trust me someone out there is missing it and can't find it in their area anymore. Here in Florida we have tons of stores that sell discountinued merchandise for extremely low prices. The investment is small and the profit is usually very big. Be sure to research however and make sure that the discontinued item you have found is currently selling on eBay, check closed auctions to see what final prices others are getting for the same item(s). So keep an eye on clearance aisles for great discontinued buys...
We hope this has helped you with some ideas for getting inventory to get started with making money on eBay (and all of the above ideas can apply for inventory on other venues as well online). Always be sure to research... research.... RESEARCH before listing an item, or investing any significant amount of money into certain items. I myself if the price is right will take a chance most of the time, but research is a sure fire way to make sure you do not wind up with a bunch of stuff that you will have to run your own garage sale with down the line when it doesn't sell.
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Winners randomly drawn, the more items you complete the more entries you accumulate in the drawing. For this contest I have Decided To Give The Winners An Option To Pick From Prize Lists. Please See USA Prizes & International Prizes Listed.
The Grand Prize WINNER gets to choose from this prize list below - The Grand Prize options 1 & 2 are open to BOTH US and International Winners.
Grand Prize Option 1 - $15.00 (usd) eBay Gift Card
Grand Prize Option 2 - $10.00 Cash Via PayPal
Grand Prize Option 3 - (For U.S. Residents Only) - Surprise Basket Of Goodies (Value Minimum of $20.00 usd)
Second Place Runner Up gets to choose from this Prize List - 1st and 2cnd options available to both U.S. and International Winners.
2cnd Prize Option 1 - $10.00 (usd)eBay Gift Card
2cnd Prize Option 2 - $7.00 Cash Via PayPal
2cnd Prize Option 3 - Small Surprise Package Of Goodies (Value a Minimum of $10.00 usd).
Third Place Runner Up gets to choose from this Prize List - 1st and 2cnd options available to both U.S. and International Winners.
3rd Prize Option 1 - 5.oo (usd) eBay Gift Card
3rd Prize Option 2 - $3.00 (usd) Cash Via PayPal
3rd Prize Option 3 - Surprise Via Snail Mail in USA only (Value Minimum of $5.00 usd)
Prizes Will Be Sent Out To Winners The First Week Of February 2013. Winners may select ONE Prize from the List, 3rd Prize options for items are for USA winners only. eBay gift cards may be a gift card, or a gift certificate. If for some reason a gift card is unavailable you will get the cash equivalent. Cash payment prizes will be sent via PayPal.
Social Media Networking Contest will run UNTIL JAN 31ST 2013. There will be 3 winners...PRIZES that WILL be shipped to the 3 lucky winners during the 1st week of February 2013. Contest Runs all through Jan and ENDS at 11:59:59 on JAN 31st 2013. On Feb 1st all winners will be randomly chosen via - To make it 100% fair to everyone. When you message us to let us know which items you have completed for entries, each entry will be assigned a number and your name/email will be put on the contest entry list with that number next to it. The more you do, the more entries you get. Any questions just ask.
The Boring Stuff
This contest is for fun. We will be running other contests but this will be our Jan 2013 Long extended running contest. There will be mini contests posted in between. We will always be as fair as possible and give everyone chances to win that anyone is able to complete at least one of the entry methods. NO PURCHASE NECCASARRY. Purchases DO NOT increase your odds of winning. This is a random drawing in which you earn entries into the drawing by completing items off the entry list in this post. Any questions please message us or email. ANY UNCLAIMED PRIZES WILL BE FORFEIT AFTER 30 DAYS Of Being Notified of Winning. Winners will be Notified via email AND MUST REPLY to US in order to CLAIM PRIZE with their Contact information. We will not be held responsible for ANY LOST PACKAGES. Cash Value Prizes will be sent Via PayPal to the account email you specify in your REPLY PRIZE CLAIM EMAIL. IF Contests such as this are Illegal in your country or state please do not enter. Check with your state or country websites, or google to research further if allowed to enter in your area.
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