Friday, November 22, 2013

Update What That Router Wound Up Selling for In Our eBay Store

I know, I know it has been forever and a whole lot of days since my last blog post. I have been super busy and completely dropped the ball on the blog. That will change now however. I will be back and hopefully I can manage to keep everything going without going nutty.... ha ha ha... 

So the last blog entry was about one of our hauls mainly for our eBay store. At the time I had mentioned that I picked up a Cisco Wireless router for a buck at one of the sales and what it should sell for according to researching closed items on eBay.... 

It sat in our store for a little bit, and had been put on sale a couple of times with no bites. Then in September I had it listed for 79.95 + shipping. It sold with Best offer for $60.00 + $8.55 shipping to a buyer in Canada. They received it, left feedback and were happy with their purchase. 

At the time I had it listed, before then, and since then the very same routers have been listed by other sellers and many have sold for only 19.99 some even lower. So what made mine sell for so much. Opinions vary but I would wager to bet it had something to do with the many photos I posted of the item, the white background in photos instead of a floor or a busy background, not only a positive feedback history but the types of feedbacks customers have left, the detailed yet not overly done description, no fancy html inside the listing so easily viewed on all devices, good keywords in title and so on. 

Find SOLD listing here :  Cisco Valet M10 Wireless N Internet Router HotSpot With Easy Setup Key wifi

This is one of the reasons why I LOVE BEING AN EBAY SELLER!!!! However the #1 reason I love selling on eBay is it allows me to be a work at home mom! 

Keep an eye on our blog here again as I am back and hopefully you will find something that interests you in my rantings & writings and truly I hope something that helps you along your way!

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