Monday, July 17, 2017

Soon To Come From Never Give Up Or Shut Up

Hi there ya all.... Quick Blog Update Here......

As many know my blogging over the years has been very limited. As much as I love doing it with our eBay store and other ventures it makes it difficult to find the time to write... In addition to this fact there is also something I have been wanting to switch up for a long time as well. I want to make multiple blogs each one more dedicated to one subject matter.

There will always be my "Never Give Up Or Shut Up" No Frills Blog, but most likely I will keep this one dedicated to our journey in reselling from now on and how to make your own money without making a boss more money! No get rich quick scams EVER! We are down to earth REAL, people... a family just like many of you that are trying to survive in a painful economy. Our goal is going to be to show the Good, The Bad, The Ugly... from items to keep an eye out for, to sharing our big wins/flips, to talking about staying motivated and so on.

So keep an eye out as we will share our other blogs here probably as links on the home page. We will also more actively post on this main blog as well as the others. Don't forget too we still have our Deals blog (yes it is a ghost town right now) BUT that is going to change too. I will try to get at LEAST 1 great deal a day shared on it starting by this weekend at latest. Then the first additional blog that will be added is one near and dear to me and it will be strictly a motivational/spiritual one.

Thank you for stopping in, we hope you decide to keep coming back AND that you enjoy the changes soon to come!

Kim Sager & Family
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