Friday, April 18, 2014

It is Time For Me To Get Back To Blogging

Hello everyone and first thing I must say is I MISS BLOGGING. Every day just about it seems there is something that comes up that I absolutely would love to write about, but with the chaos that I call every day life I never seem to get around to writing anymore. I have decided though that it is time for me to insert something that I enjoy and that is a ME type hobby into my life. What I enjoy, besides the obvious - MY FAMILY, Especially every minute, every second spent with my children............the other thing I love to do is share my thoughts, about EVERYTHING to ANYONE willing to listen (or in this case read). So it is April of 2014 and Easter Weekend is here.... Odd time to jump back into my blog, but I figure if I keep saying "tomorrow" then that "tomorrow" will never actually come. 

As everyone who does read my blog, or has read it in the past knows.... I write about EVERYTHING. I write to share experiences, I write to try to help others learn from mistakes I have made or things I have learned along the way - things on eBay selling, on Amazon selling, on yard sale hunting, on having yard sales, ideas for crafts & fun things to do with our kiddos, parenting funny stories - goals - accomplishments etc., I will be sharing more about life with my darling special little angels whom are on the spectrum.... Autism is a part of our daily lives and a part of so many families lives nowadays. I know it helps me to read about others experiences so I am going to share ours too....  you just never know what you will find to read with me, but I promise it will be down to earth, honest, and whenever possible try to help others in some way or at least give them the chance to laugh with me, or know they are not alone when frustrated.

Recently we are happy to share that we have kicked it up a lot with our Autism Awareness donations and are doing most of our eBay listings with a minimum of 1.00 each item sold or 10% whichever is greater to AUTISM SPEAKS. This is in addition to what we donate each month from the combined sales online & metal recycling. We are not able to donate 100% , this is because the donations depend on how well we do each month. As many know we sell online ad do metal recycling/scrapping so we can have schedules that are flexible to do the best by our children we possibly can.... BUT we also want to help other families like ours at the same time. We are very happy that we are able to combine our income that allows us to be with our children, and get them the things they need, and never miss a doctor appt or therapy, etc. AND also be able to donate to a cause that is severely lacking in donations but the numbers of those affected by Autism are constantly growing at an unbelievable rate. So we do what we can. 

Every time you shop with Then And Again Treasures on eBay your purchase helps go toward the total we are able to donate each month. Also you will see in many listings that an individual items sale has 10% or minimum of 1.00 go directly to Autism Speaks (or some to other Autism Awareness orgs.) through eBay Giving Works. This is in addition to our other donations done from our total we bring in each month then donate what we are able to Autism Speaks. 
Currently we have two auctions running for Autism Speaks - and in our store a mix of items and adding it to other items daily. A link to our store can also be found on the Autism Speaks website along with other eBay sellers doing what they can as well.

Speaking of which we will be at Raymond James this month in the Autism Awareness walk. I am trying to get sponsors in order to raise 150.00 AT LEAST... so far this has not gone as well as I had hoped. Either way I will be there to show my support, and continue my support in other ways as mentioned above. 
If interested - this is our personal page through Autism Speaks to see where we are at in reaching our goal (or be the FIRST to Donate and get your name on the HONOR ROLL)

Looking forward to sharing a lot more on my blog here - NEVER GIVE UP OR SHUT UP! And trust me.... its a VERY true statement from our family.................. 

Thank you for taking the time to read, to follow, and hope that you share with your friends & family things that you believe will interest them as well. Hey don't forget I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YA'ALL so when you get a second LEAVE A COMMENT, here or on any of the blog posts. I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Your opinions, your experiences.... Very much so would love to hear from each and every one of you. 


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