Monday, April 28, 2014

eBay QUICK TIP: Keyword Vintage Wont Fit in Title? Here's What To Do

I learned something neat today that maybe others know but I am sure there are many out there like me that have NO idea about this quick little tip. One thing 99.9% of eBay sellers do know is how important keywords are in our listing titles. There are actually other important things about our listing titles that not everyone knows that I have learned along the way such as the order of words in title should go in the order of how important they are to the search. I will go over that all in another post though. Right now it is time to share a neat little QUICK TIP that I just discovered today. 

Have you ever seen how some sellers use the initials VTG to stand for the word Vintage? Have you ever wondered how many people, as buyers would actually search for the initials VTG when looking for a vintage item? The thought had crossed my mind and I always thought odds were from a customers point of view that VTG probably was not a big keyword search term. I have used the initials when I simply could not fit the word "Vintage" in at all but I never until today realized I can ALWAYS use VTG in place of Vintage in my titles where it applies and save valuable keyword space EVERY TIME.... and here is the neat part..... When you search for "Vintage" or "VTG" the same listings will appear no matter which term was used. Below here is an example of a search that I found to make it simple so only one listing comes up, but as you will see it does NOT have the actual WORD VINTAGE in title, instead it has "VTG"  (This example is in CLOSED/SOLD listings so you will have to be signed into eBay to search). 

Search eBay for Keywords "Vintage Old Dead Pawn lot Hand Stamped Tooled" 

Or simply go to this link as I have done the search for you: KEYWORD Search for Above Vintage Item in sold Ebay Listings Click Here  
As you can see it pulls up one item and nowhere in the title does it have the word Vintage, instead it has the shortened eBay lingo that a lot of sellers use "VTG" saving valuable keyword space for other searchable words in the title BUT still being able to show up when a user searches for "Vintage". 

This now has me wondering if there are other abbreviations for different words that work the same way that we can save space but still use certain keywords we would like to but shorten them to what us usually abbreviations only known by sellers.

SO in short what I have learned: From now on I can freely use the keyword "VTG" instead of "Vintage" and I will show up when someone searches for a Vintage item.

Like I said when I started writing this, maybe there are a lot of people out there that were already aware of this little tidbit of info BUT I am sure there are PLENTY of others like me that had no idea. With keywords being so important to our listings any time we can free up more of that space OR times we have a little extra space but not enough on a vintage item where otherwise the word would have been left out now we know for sure it is worth putting the VTG in there. 

And that is my quick tip, but as all my readers know........... I can't say anything or write anything brief ha ha ha...

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