Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thumbs Down Bonne Bell Thumbs Up Sally Hansen - Read for Specific Products

It was on sale and as many of you know I just cannot resist a bargain. Well this time around I can see why it was discounted. I didn't even think they made lipsticks anymore that have that waxy sticky feeling and odd taste & smell that reminded me of my Grandmas lipstick when I was young. The one I tried was the Smooth Shades Smooth Vanilla 1.5g size from Bonne Bell. It actually says on the bottom sticker "Flavored Lipstick" well if they were shooting for Vanilla flavor they were FAR FAR off.

Not only was I not impressed with this lipstick, literally the only positive things I can find to say about it are that I did like the size. I really like the "skinny" lipsticks that are pretty much 1/2 the size it seems around then your normal lipsticks. That is just a personal preference for me I guess possibly because my lips are on the small side making the smaller sticks easier to apply. The only other positive thing I can say is the color is pretty but really with it being so sticky & waxy feeling it doesn't matter how nice the color/shade is if it is totally uncomfortable to wear.

I did find a way to make it so it was not a total waste. I had recently tried another "sale" item from Sally Hansen. It is Natural Beauty Moisture Plump Lip Balm in the color Perfect Peach 1035-30. If I first apply the Bonne Bell then apply the Perfect Peach from Sally Hansen as a layer on top of the Sticky icky Bonne Bell lipstick then I can wear it. Obviously not my favorite BUT I hate wasting even sale items I purchase so I found a way to make it work. 

Also the Sally Hansen one mentioned is GREAT by itself as well. Also another small/skinny stick for easy application for smaller lips/mouths. And a very natural color nothing that is over powering. Pretty, simple shade that also makes your smaller size lips appear larger and feels nice when applied, creamy smooth, not sticky & waxy like the Bonne Bell. Also the Sally Hansen doesn't have a weird taste/flavor to it that reminds of Grandmas old lipstick.

I am in my late 30's and anyone my age I am sure remembers the smell and feel of their Grandmothers lipstick, and even though we love those memories of Grandma..... I am sure others like myself don't want to "feel" like we are wearing her lipstick and have that taste of it all through the day ICK!

So My opinion

THUMBS DOWN - Bonne Bell Smooth Shades Flavored Lipstick Smooth Vanilla
THUMBS UP - Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By CARMINDY Moisture Plump Lip Balm

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