Friday, June 20, 2014

CLEAN UP TIME New Port Richey City Residents - Saturday 6/21/2014 DROP Off Your JUNK

Hey Neighbors aka New Port Richey City residents. You might not be aware of this or you might have forgotten when the CITY CLEAN UP DAY was scheduled for, well the time is NOW!  Time to bring all of your junk to one of the 2 convenient drop off locations on SATURDAY 6/21/2014 between the hours of 8am to 5pm. So if your yard has been collecting junk by the masses or you have old furniture that needs to go - NOW is the time to go drop it off at one of the two locations and the best part, it is COMPLETELY FREE. This is for NPR City Residents only. You must live within city limits to take advantage of this FREE Clean Up day. Details below.... 

There are two locations you can choose from that will have dumpsters available on Saturday the 21st of June. Depending on what you need to drop off you may want to go to a specific one. For instance they are doing Paper Shredding at the River Road location only, and there is a limit on the paper shredding which will be 4 boxes per household. You might be asking yourself "what size boxes?" that I could not tell you. I am assuming an average size large box. I don't think they will be too picky as long as people do not get carried away. 

Also at the River Road location they will be taking televisions, computer monitors, and computer towers as well. With these items however they are asking that they be NON-Damaged, however non-working is fine. Basically they cannot take televisions or computer monitors that have been torn apart for environmental reasons is the short version. Now I did ask a city employee if it was okay to bring TV parts like the plastic backs or cases (not the tubes) and I was told those kinds of pieces should be fine to put right into the dumpsters. 

  • Side note to my local readers - as many of you know we pick up metal and appliances FREE all year long, and if you have computer towers or any computer parts & pieces please let us know and we will pick them up locally or you can bring them to us.We personally DO NOT take televisions or monitors as they cost money to dispose of properly. If you have metal/appliances/computer parts or towers, drop a comment below or email me. Also can find other contact info for us on
I was able to find a main list of items you will be able to drop off at both locations.I found this list on the New Port Richey City website:
  • Glass
  • Carpet
  • Metals
  • Wood (8' or less)
  • House Furniture
  • Lawn Furniture
  • Drywall
  • Mattress
  • Box Spring
  • Fence
  • Plywood
  • TVs ( River Road Location Only)
  • Computer Monitors/Towers (River Road Location Only)
The above list is what the New Port Richey City website has for "Materials Allowed".

Dumpsters will be at the locations below for city residents to begin dropping items off at 8am Saturday June 21st 2014 and will stay open until 5pm. 

  • Francis Park - Located off Louisiana (just a little west of Gulf Middle School on Louisiana on the opposite side of road).  
  • 6131 South River Road (Where River Road Church Property was) - This is the location for Paper Shredding & TVs/Monitors/Towers.
If you have JUNK that cannot go out with your everyday trash or maybe just too much junk to get rid of all at once on a normal trash night, which typically with most companies a 6 can limit, STOP what your doing and load up that truck, or your friends truck and head to one of the sites where the City Of New Port Richey has rented Dumpsters for us to be able to CLEAN UP!

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