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What Goes Around Comes Around in Social Media Networking

What Goes Around Comes Around In Social Networking

What goes around comes around... it is true. For those that do any kind of social networking or groups where you tweet each others items, or pin them, share them, like them, etc. You know what I mean. The more actively you do your part in the group = the more it stands out and people see that and return the favor. This isn't about the groups though, and yes it is a bit on the long side so skim, or sit back when you have time. I hope you are able to walk away feeling like it was worth reading what's on my mind today!

You DO NOT have to be in a special group for the "what goes around comes around" theory to work. It works just in general and I have seen it in action. When I comment on a blog post usually the person who runs that blog makes their way back to mine taking the time to let me know of something that they especially liked. If I shared their blog post I will mention it in my comment, letting them know that I found it to be so helpful or such a good read that I took the time to share it on my twitter or facebook with my followers. I always let them know specific things that I enjoyed about their post. Make you comment meaningful not just a fly by "I liked your post".  I have seen when I have taken the time to let the blogger know what I liked and that I shared it they tend to return the favor. In doing this don't be a phony, be honest.... being REAL will get the best results. 

Are you on Twitter? I know a hard one to keep up with tweeting, re-tweeting and trying not to spam the heck out of your followers. Trying to keep some kind of balance between - helpful topics, funny topics, friendly things, and sharing your business or items, and re-tweeting your twitter friends items & posts as well. Depending on your followers and if you are on lists etc. your goal & your return could be different. Many eBay sellers follow other sellers and have lists that they re-tweet others items and really if you think about it the main reason behind it all boils down to traffic. The increased traffic to your item or store does help with placement in search results. 

Are you on Facebook? Do you belong to groups there? There are groups that are solely for the purpse of sharing your items, there are groups where that is considered spam, groups that the whole purpose is to exchange sharing of items groups that are focused around using other social sites and the exchange on those sites of tweets for tweets, pins for pins, likes for likes etc. It is really hard to keep up with them all. I highly suggest if your going to give those a try talk to other people you know and find out which ones they belong to and which ones they found had the best results. Then start small or you will get overwhelmed quickly. 

Now what if you just do not have the time to do these specialized groups. Instead you are in a handful of helpful groups that the users sell on sites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc. just like you but sharing your items in those type groups is SPAM. There are other ways using the "what goes around comes around" theory to apply these very same practices in these groups as well.... when done in a REAL and truthful way it can be a very successful way to use social media to get your store or items shared by others. Just like commenting on a blog, but instead you visit "Bobs" eBay store because you saw his link in a post he was asking about help with pricing of an item he is listing. 

You visit "Bobs" store and you see he has some really cool T-shirts, honestly you like them and you think to yourself "wow I have friends on facebook that would love these". The next thing you do at this point is "SHARE" or create a post on your FaceBook wall letting your friends know that you came across a seller on eBay that has awesome T-shirts and even better has great prices and 100% positive feedback rating (if the info is true).... You can at this point simply copy and paste the URL to "Bobs" store into your post OR you can do something even better to help your friends get right to those awesome T-shirts (and increasing the odds Bob will get a sale or 2 from this post) while your in Bobs store do a search (in his store not all of ebay) for the word T-shirts OR if he has a T-shirt category already set up just click on that.... now that you are where the shirts are NOW copy THAT url and paste it into your post on FaceBook next all you have to do is POST, of course leave the little "Preview" FaceBook gives of Bob's link you just added, it will have a photo and normally you can scroll and pick from a few photos - pick one that really stands out THEN post.  Now you have helped Bob out & helped your friends find some great shirts........ How does this help you your asking now right???

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND..... Of course you only did this because you did honestly love Bob's T-shirts and you honestly thought your friends would too BUT there is a part 2 when it comes to social media networking, the part of how something furthers you as well. In this scenario AFTER you have shared Bob's shirts you would send him a message either on eBay or FaceBook saying something to the effect of:

" Hi Bob, I am in (name of group) with you, and saw your post about (whatever it was he had asked). Sorry I couldn't help with (whatever the question was) but I just wanted to let you know you have some really great shirts & I know my friends would love them. I went ahead and shared a link to your store on my FaceBook. Hope they find some they just gotta have!  - Have a great day.... - Sincerely, (your name + store name)"  - I would sign Kim Sager from ThenAndAgainTreasures on eBay. OR just your name... because you should already have links to your store everywhere you can on FaceBook or whatever site (as this can apply to many places not just FaceBook).

To sum it up - What Goes Around Comes Around In Social Media Networking as in life

1. On pinterest - when you PIN someones item they SEE that you did, when you follow their board they SEE that you did. People tend to follow back or pin items from those who take the time to Pin or Follow them. 

2. eBay Collections - You add someones item to one of your collections... drop them a message, let them know how much you loved their widget and how it was a perfect fit for you "yadda yadda" collection. Invite them to check out the collection.
3. You see a seller who specializes in a certain type of item, they have great feedback & great prices.... oh they offer free or affordable/combined shipping too.... and you happen to be a blogger, as a blogger content/blog posts help YOU and if you happen to write a nice blog post about a certain shop you have either dealt with personally or just happen to know a lot about.... then you let that seller know how wonderful you think THEY ARE and that their store inspired your latest blog entry which can be found here "link them right to the blog post about them" . The Kharma & what goes around comes around in something like this doesn't even need explaining. 

4. YouTube - Do you have a channel? Do you make videos or are you planning to and cannot think of anything to video about? How about a video blog and your videos can talk about your store, a certain item, OTHER sellers stores, great experience you had shopping at "Betty Sue's Feather Emporium" on ebay, and well you see what I am getting at. (this is also another way of earning some extra income - think getting paid for ADS, whole different topic). 

5. Twitter - when you re-tweet others tweets they SEE it and likely will return the favor when they see you tweet something (same for hitting that star/favorite button). When you FOLLOW someone they are likely to follow you back, and when someone FOLLOWS you return the favor and follow them back as well. Same for tweeting... if you see someone re-tweeting your posts be sure to do the right thing and do the same for them. 

There are more examples, more sites, but I am sure at this point you get the idea.... you do not have to belong to a special group you can just be NICE and help a fellow seller out and in doing this just like in life.... WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.... Maybe not every person you give a virtual "shout out" to will return the favor BUT the majority will. Just remember HONESTY is key! Don't run around just doing it solely for what YOU get out of it. If you don't like something don't say you do just because you want them to say or do the same for you. Be REAL.... I promise you if you are honest & real in what you do the return will be there. 

I know you are thinking.... my goodness Kim, when do I have the time to do all of this? You don't have the time to do ALL of it. Or if you do I need to know your secret because I personally barely have time to think these days.... don't obsess over it, just do it in between other things. It is more like a handshake, or stopping to compliment someone as you would in every day life. 

Don't make a job out of it, don't set out hours of time to dedicate to it (that is what the groups dedicated to it are for). This is something that you do nice for others that are JUST LIKE YOU and in return you feel good helping another online small business person, and then there is the WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND and that helps your business. Word of mouth is, was, and will always be the BEST form of advertisement & traffic is always good when it comes to your placement in search engines. 

I am no  expert. I am just like you. I share what I do and what works or doesn't work for me or I personally have seen work or not work for others. I didn't take a class, I do not have a degree. These are my opinions, my advice... take it for what it is and do what you will with it, but I can PROMISE you this... being nice never hurts!

Kim Sager,  Then And Again Treasures Store On eBay
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