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DIY Projects Homemade AC Units Easy Instructions + DIY Unit For Your Car

DIY Projects - Homemade AC units aka cooling systems to help beat the heat without paying an arm & a leg in electric. These are a couple of our favorites, we are trying a simple one today. Soon we want to try the vehicle one as well.Scroll down to view the different VIDEO instructions for 3 different units you can build yourself, including the one for your vehicle

With the growing electric bills now during the summer months and then our AC window unit in living room deciding it would barely work anymore we remembered something we had seen on the news not long ago about making a homemade AC unit with a 5 gallon bucket, a small fan, Styrofoam to line the inside and couple other small things. They had tested it on the news to see if it really worked and to our disbelief it really did.

Recent issues with our own AC unit led to more searches of how others have made DIY cooling units for their home. These can be real money savers too. At this point all I can say is we are going to try a very simple one today. I will take some photos and do a follow up of how well ours worked out for us.

For now I am going to share with you a couple of our personal favorites. They can be made for anywhere from $8.00 to approximately $30.00 (depending on materials you may already have). Then the BONUS - the DIY homemade Air conditioner for your VEHICLE!

Two of My Favorites of Homemade Cooling aka AC Units With Instructions

The first one here is along the lines of what we are doing. My hubby cut the holes on the side of the cooler front and is using PVC pipe going straight out the side/front, instead of dryer vent things on top (I am wondering if the metal would actually make a difference in cooling now though). This one is Simple and can be done in less than 20 minutes for approx $8.00, assuming you have the fan already or can pick one up at yard sale for a buck or two.The man who made the first video here goes by the name Household Hacker and has a vast amount of useful tips and how to videos.

This Next one here is honestly so far I think my favorite yet. He states less than 30 minutes to make and seems like even if you have never built anything before you could reasonably accomplish this in 30 minutes. I really like the idea of the air tight cooler and think it would make a noticeable difference. The man who made the video below also runs this unit with SOLAR POWER not only that but makes the ice with a solar power freezer he constructed himself too (see his other videos). I will be learning some more from his channel I am sure. 

Then next we have The BONUS as promised DIY Unit For Your Vehicle
Theory is pretty much the same as the others..... Only this homemade AC is for you to use if you cannot afford to fix that expensive repair to your cars AC right now but gotta beat that heat. Down here in Florida trust me you will try ANYTHING to cool down your car/truck during summer months if you are lacking AC. We carry a small cooler with wet rags and bags of ice in it and bottles of water, the bottles of water stay cold to fill our little misting fans to at least combat the heat a little bit. Now I am looking forward to trying what this woman has done here below.... as soon as I figure out how to fit IT and my family in the truck at the same time ha ha ha... (side note: she like the two others above looks to have a lot of other interesting videos as well on YouTube). 

Please drop off a comment let me know what you think or if you try any of these how it worked for you. Also we wanted to say THANK YOU for our readers taking the time to share our posts on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. We have noticed and really do appreciate it!

Have A Wonderful & Hopefully COOL Day
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  1. I almost could not believe this while reading it. This is such a neat idea! Thank you for supplying these mind blowing homemade projects. They also just seem like they will be a lot of fun ha! I know what project I'll be pressuring my friend into next now. Thanks again!

    Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.