Friday, July 4, 2014

eBay Feedback Can Be Fun Fancy or Funny Buyers & Sellers

Every once in a while I will get a feedback from one of my customers or a seller that REALLY stands out. Personally I have leaned toward the more conservative side when leaving feedback on eBay, until today! I have always mixed it up and never left the exact same feedback for every person, every single time. I also try to take advantage of all or most of the space provided. I also do leave special feedback for those eBay users that were just... extra special, but still stay "conservative" even then. I was thinking today though.... why can't it always be fun, friendly, pretty, or the kind of feedback that is sure to make someone smile? 

Here is a simple list I have compiled that has some of my favorite pages/sites for my readers to get their creative juices flowing or simply copy/paste (I will keep adding more so check back). All credit goes to the creators of these great guides/sites/blogs/generators etc.
  1. 101 Fun And Fancy eBay Feedback Designs (On eBay)
  2. How To Leave a Funny Feedback (On eBay - not funny but another nice list)
  3. Ebays Most Funniest,Creative & Wackiest, Feedbacks (On eBay & a Fave of Mine)
  4. Fun Feedback - Cut And Paste!   (On eBay Nice collection)
  5. Positive Feedback Samples To Leave Buyers & Sellers (On eBay)
  6. Ebay Feedback Generator (Feedback generator site - Simple to use)
  7. Feeling Lazy Feedback Generators (Another Generator site - Simple to use)
  8. DO YOU HAVE A LIST or Feedback Site? -  Send to us, if we add credit will go to you!
  9. coming soon
  10. coming soon
Don't forget if you want quick access to this list any time or just to check for updates be sure to  bookmark my blog so you can pull it up whenever you need some help with leaving the PERFECT feedback.   

Fun Just Stands Out & Makes People Smile
So Be Brave, Have Fun, Be Noticed!

Another thing to remember about feedback in my opinion is it can be another chance to be sure to make a person REMEMBER YOU. Then again when others look at the feedback it makes them want to check out "who left that silly feedback" too, and you just never know that curiosity could lead to said person then seeing something in your eBay store that they just cannot live without. It's the little things... that make the biggest impact sometimes in multiple ways...


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  1. Just wanted to thank you for this post (even over two years after you made it).