Thursday, July 3, 2014

Free Easy To Use Fee & Profit Calculator For Ebay & PayPal 2014

I love using the best offer option on my listings and I do get a lot of offers from buyers. My first problem I run into when deciding whether to accept their offer is "What will my profit be". I had searched online for a calculator to help me figure out quickly on the spot how much I was going to profit or lose when I received an offer but hadn't been able to find one I really liked.
Every calculator I found was either completely outdated, overly complicated or did not take all factors into consideration. For example many were missing the - what your actual shipping cost oop was. Then all of them were missing "my cost for product" which is a very important factor.

Then today EUREKA! Jackpot, we have a winner! Simple, fast, up to date (2014) and it took each factor I needed it to into consideration. Not only did it show me what each fee would be & broke it down in very easy to read way it also told me right there in black & white what my profit would be so I didn't even have to do any math at all.  Drum Roll Please..........................

Ebay/PayPal 2014 Fee & Profit Calculator

Simple 2 Page Website - One Page is For Ebay Sellers and all fees including PayPal applicable for eBay selling. The second page is just for PayPal, so for instance if you sell say on FaceBook or a personal site and take PayPal there is a very simple calculator for you as well that simply covers PayPal Fees. 

This is by far the most simple calculator I have found and not one of these outdated ones from 2013 or before. Simple site with calculator for eBay sellers to enter all of your information then have it calculate all the fees for you and show you what they will be & also what your PROFIT will be taking all things into consideration.... Including your purchase price for your item & your actual shipping cost.Of course this makes deciding whether to accept offers easy & fast, but it also helps all around with daily listing or when planning a sale. It is just a great tool to have a little shortcut to on any device you work eBay from.  

There are some ads on the page which is understandable I feel. The creator made a very simple way for eBay sellers to quickly figure out the math without all the frills.... so of course it is to be expected that they get something in return for offering a great FREE tool for us to use. Which is why I understand a few ads on the site and I do really appreciate that they don't have all kinds of flashy ads all over that are going to lock up my computer.

The site even has instructions (right underneath the calculator). They really aren't needed but I think it was nice that they put them there just in case. It makes it so even a complete novice could use with no problem at all. 

Double Check Your Fees & Profit
Double Check Your Fees & Profit Here

Hope somebody out there finds this helpful. If you wind up using it be sure to comment and let me know. I Love hearing from y'all. I also wanted to say THANK YOU I really do appreciate the messages on social media & follows, likes, etc. I have been getting. So feel free to connecting with me on Twitter,FaceBook,Pinterest etc. and as always all my info is here My About.Me WebPage.

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