Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Update On Our Home Made AC Cooling Unit

Okay in defense of the people on YouTube who actually put more than 5 minutes effort into their homemade systems..... I do see where it CAN work. Did it work out for us???? This will be shortest blog post ever.... it was an EPIC FAIL as my oldest son would say.....

I will add photos tomorrow of our nightmare version - aka Frankenstein - homemade AC cooling unit.... And hints on the "what not to do" when making one. 

Also I will be blogging about a very neat little unit purchased at Walmart that you get a log of cooling bang for your buck!  Yes end result was my dad killed the AC unit we cleaned out and wound up one sweating hot day and a trip to Walmart when Dad finally admitted the other unit got broken during cleaning... well his exact words "I didn't break it but it will take a few MONTHS to dry". The little unit we got though really kicks butt....

So stay tuned for July 3rd's (tomorrow) AC topic posts. 

Just didn't want ya all thinking I forgot about you... 

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