Thursday, January 24, 2013

$10 Garage Sale Find Becomes $200 eBay Sale

My Big eBay Sale Of The Week

I wanted to share something to be on the lookout for when your out shopping garage sales, church sales, etc. Many times they will have a large amount of unused cards for sale. Cards are a pretty good seller, especially if those cards have envelopes and are in good shape. I got really lucky at a yard sale in my neighborhood when I noticed some really nice greeting cards, post cards and tons of envelopes. They were Avanti cards which are made in the USA and are very nicely made and normally have colorful envelopes to go with them. I noticed they were 3 for 1.00 and I passed the first time but then decided to go back and ask how much for all of them. They said 10.00 for stand they were in and all cards. I did not even bother to haggle as this was an awesome deal and I was happy to hand over $10.
So far from this deal I now have a really nice wood display/storage rack. I listed the Avanti cards all in a lot and I got a best offer of 50.00 less than I had set the price for. I had it set to auto accept offers of at least $200 as I thought that was an incredible return on my investment. Less than 24 hours later I had my sale and the buyer paid right away. Below I have included in this post a couple pictures of the cards. You can see the actual eBay listing here: Avanti Card Lot Auction on eBay
Now in addition to that nice stand I own now, and the really nice turn around on the cards - THERE ARE STILL MORE! Yep there are still at least 200 or so postcards still that need to be listed, and about 50 or so more greeting cards of other brands all with envelopes too. There is also at least 15 - 20 or so small gift type tag cards. So I figure by the time I am done I will have at very least turned $10 into $300 or possibly more AND I still have the wood stand I think I will keep for me.

Come again soon.... I haven't been keeping up on my writing so well in the last couple of weeks, but I am going to try to get back into swing of posting almost every day. I love sharing ideas, tips, tricks, and passing along any info I discover in order to help others.

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