Thursday, January 3, 2013

Simple Good Item to Sell On eBay During December & January Months

So Simple I almost Completely Forgot About This One Myself

Every person that sells on eBay or would like to sell on eBay spend a good amount of time trying to figure out what to sell and when to sell it. Research is always the key and I have to add that remembering what basic items are hot at certain times each year is good too.
I had seen some items go on sale here today and there was a bunch of calendars for your wall that were 16 months 2013 ones with very nice themes actually. I wish it would have dawned on me sooner because what I forgot was this.....
December & January calendars are always a basic good seller on eBay. Just go take a look at eBay closed auctions put in key words to search like "2013 wall calendar" or if you want to see how certain ones do try something like "2013 wall calendar dogs" what you will find is almost every single one sells. Most for between $6.00 all the way up to $29.00 and more.
Now the key here is you need to have some stores local to you that sell Calendars at a resonable price so you can make a decent profit. Here in my area I can actually get them for 1.00 or less at times but it is not like that all over the country, or world for that matter. Also it could be that someone wants a calendar that showcases a certain animal, castles, or sexy ladies & men. What if they cannot find the kind they want in their area? What if they are looking for one for a friend who loves elephants but there is none to be found where they live? Thats where you come in.....
Now this is only for people who can find calendars at a good price local to them. I would start by researching the closed auctions on eBay and get a good idea of the ones that have the best sell through rate and for the highest prices. Then take a list of the types out shopping with you. Also I would start with a dozen or less of different kinds, depending on how much you have to pay out per calendar. Then get them up on eBay fast as the best time that I am sure they sell real good is December & January for obvious reasons.
Auction or Buy It Now? I would use a buy now option on an auction or list as fixed price for calendars. In most cases you pretty much know what this type of item is going to sell for (unless you just happen to be the only person with specific calendar then auction it). So post what you are asking and if your doing fixed price it is a good idea to let the buyers send you a "Best Offer" as well and depending on what they offer you can decide if the profit is still good enough that you want to accept it.
Well I know this is a pretty simple & sweet blog post tonight. I am pretty darn tired today but I did want to stick to my New Years Resolution of at least one blog post a day. I really hope this helps someone out there. I know I like when someone tips me off to something I can re-sell pretty well or reminds me of something that I completely forgot about like this.
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