Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quick List - Top 5 Ways To Find Inventory To Sell on eBay

5 Ways To Find Inventory To Re-Sell On eBay 

Whether you sell on eBay or another online selling venue here are some ways to get inventory

1. Garage Sales - almost always treasures to be found. It is usually best to stick with the unusual items or items you are familar with. We try to keep our eBay stocked with a little bit of everything, but the best advice I can give is to stick to what you know as it is easier to sell things you know something about. Also unusual items that you don't see every day 9 times out of 10 there will be at the very least 2 other people in the world who think it is as cool as you did.
2. Estate Sales - No they are not the same as garage sales. True estate sales most commonly are held inside. Usually the house will be opened up and everything inside will be up for grabs. You will find most of the time that you are able to purchase ANYTHING from inside the closets to under the kitchen sink. Double check with whomever is running the sale to make sure if any room or spots inside the home are off limits. These kinds of sales are often held when someone has passed on and a family member will either hire someone to sell contents of home OR do themselves. If it is being run by family members most of the time you can find some really outstanding treasures.
3. Storage Unit Auctions - This is a chance to really stock up on a lot of inventory for one winning bid. There is a chance of finding a hidden treasure, or as Darrell Sheets from the popular show Storage Wars would say "The WOW Factor". However most of the time you are not going to strike it rich or even close with a Storage Unit. I can tell you however from experience that you can find plenty of inventory. Just last Fall (2012) we won a unit for only $100 that we more than doubled our money on in less than 72 hours and since then we made approx $800.00 from items found in it.
4. Your Own Home - One of the easiest no investement ways to find inventory to sell on eBay is as simple as cleaning out your closets, attic, basement, garage and so on. You would be amazed at the things that are right there in your home taking up space or just collecting dust. Those unwanted gifts that got shoved under the bed, or the boxes in your basement that have been there since you first moved in. All of those things you have that you have more than one of, no use for, are too big, too small, outdated (aka vintage) ha ha ha, and well you get the idea here. Get them out, clean them up and get them listed - turn your clutter into cash in your bank!
5. Discountinued Items -  This is actually one that I often forget about. However the money you can earn selling discontinued toys, hair care, cleaning products, etc. is really astonishing. Now I am not talking about re-called items. I am strictly talking discontinued. There is a HUGE difference. Items that have been re-called should NEVER be listed for sale. However if a company decided to stop making a certain hair gel or make-up trust me someone out there is missing it and can't find it in their area anymore. Here in Florida we have tons of stores that sell discountinued merchandise for extremely low prices. The investment is small and the profit is usually very big. Be sure to research however and make sure that the discontinued item you have found is currently selling on eBay, check closed auctions to see what final prices others are getting for the same item(s). So keep an eye on clearance aisles for great discontinued buys...
We hope this has helped you with some ideas for getting inventory to get started with making money on eBay (and all of the above ideas can apply for inventory on other venues as well online). Always be sure to research... research.... RESEARCH before listing an item, or investing any significant amount of money into certain items. I myself if the price is right will take a chance most of the time, but research is a sure fire way to make sure you do not wind up with a bunch of stuff that you will have to run your own garage sale with down the line when it doesn't sell.
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