Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My First Opinion Of Storage Wars NY Show & Cast

So We Watched The First Two Episodes Tonight - Storage Wars New York

January 1st 2013 seems like all day Storage Wars episodes were playing on our television. We got to see the new episodes of the Texas Show we had been looking forward to seeing Moe & Mary, Jenny, Ricky, Bubba, and even Victor. Also tonight was the first ever episodes of Storage Wars New York. Now I must say when I saw the previews for the New York show I really did not think I would care for the show. My thoughts were there really usually is nothing as good as an original with anything, and they got lucky that the Texas show was a hit what were the odds that another Storage Wars show would be anything more than just outdone and overplayed. Also hubby and I both being originally from NY worried that NY stereo-types might be put into over-drive which would just kill it for us completely.
Then someone I follow on Twitter was telling me how she had been talking to some of the people from the show and how they were really nice and if they were any reflection of what the show would be like that it should be real good.So I started following some of the people from the show on Twitter as well, and she was right they do seem to be real nice people as far as I can tell. Out of all of them I have to say that Mike is very active in speaking with Storage Wars fans, and takes a good amount of time responding to people, even noticed when I had tweeted about me and the family being sick and took the time out of his day to wish us well.
They aired 4 new episodes of Storage Wars tonight (Jan 1st) to kick off the New Year, two of which were the New York show. Some of the people on it I took to right away. Mike of course as I had already spoken to him online, been to his website, and read an article about him in an online version of a NY newspaper so I already knew I would like him.
I enjoyed the show overall, but I have to also say that I felt there was a certain element missing. I can't really put my finger on it yet. I think maybe it is that "hey that could be me" feeling is missing, at least for myself. Heck if I can explain why though. Maybe I will figure this odd feeling out or it will go away as more shows air.
My original worries of Storage Wars just being over played and repetitive and also the concern that the show might get into over doing New York stereo-type stuff thankfully were NOT an issue, at least for us. We enjoyed seeing the finds and got a kick out of seeing the units contents come crumbling down a few times, as it is something you deal with in this business and we know it all too well - got the bumps, bruises and scars to prove it.
The Main Players On The New York Show:
Courtney Wagner & Candy Olsen - The first girl duo on Storage Wars. They strike me as quirky and fun. They are on the hunt for Vintage clothing which I know a little bit about, especially how you can turn a real good profit with it. I found I can relate to the girls pretty easily which made the scenes with them enjoyable for me. I also love how they got themselves a van to sell vintage clothing out of. I think it is a grand idea, especially in a busy city like New York it is called C&C Pop Up Store. Which I also think is very catchy and they got my mind racing with ideas (thanks girls). I really think I am going to enjoy watching them winning units....
Mike Braiotta is the cool guy. I mean no sarcasm there at all. He is really nice and down to earth (as I mentioned above about him on Twitter). I knew he would be one of my favorites before I even watched the shows tonight. He is looking for items he can turn fast, and from what I can tell Mike can move just about anything quickly. He comes across as tough but I have a feeling he is a big softy at home with the wife and kids. With the way he views the units and quickly determines how fast he can turn a profit he will be a good reminder to other sellers not to sit on that inventory to long. Its about making a profit not turning your home/business into a storage unit.
Joe Pauletich aka Joe P. he has been in the business for over 20 years and reminds me of New Yorks version of Barry Weiss from the original Storage Wars show. However I am sorry Joe, as far as collector off the wall older men go Barry still is tops in my book. I kind of got a mixed feeling with Joe, however I do think he will grow on me. He just is, well a little odd with the whole "feeling" whats in the lockers, and time to go get to know his unit. To me it almost seemed like he was referring to the storage units as if they were a new found friend. Nothing bad about him, just know I will have to see more of him before I am sure how I feel about Joe. I will say I am 100% sure he is very good at what he does. Not the feeling the unit, what I mean is knowing what to look for and knowing what he has found. I felt as if he really did not need to get his items checked out that he knew right away what they were and what the value would be for him reselling them.
Chris Morelli & Tad Eaton are the male duo. Like Ricky & Bubba from the Texas show. With many differences though. First of all I took to the Texas show guy duo very quickly and loved them right from the start. Chris & Tad were the two on this show that actually stood out the least to me. Maybe I just missed some of them with my moody 7 month old going through teething, but they just didn't seem to stand out among the rest. What I mean is that tomorrow I will quickly be able to recall scenes and lines from tonights 2 shows from everyone else on the show except these two except one of them seems to have to smell everything he finds. Like Joe I will have to see more before I make any kind of final judgement. They are obviously very knowledgable when it comes to vintage, antiques and refurbishing items which would make sense considering they were owners of the Frayed Knot vintage store, which as far as I understand was devestated by Hurricane Sandy. At this moment I am unsure if they re-opened or not.
Then you have your Auctioneer. One man, John Luke. Now the auctioneer just doesn't get the film time the other's do on Storage Wars so it takes more time to get to know them. What I gather so far is he has been doing this for many years and comes off to me as being all business and knows how to hustle with the best of them. I liked the way he explained the rules of the auction though, practically on the verge of threating. I recall him saying something to the effect of "don't even THINK about going in or touching anything in the unit" that is not an exact quote but its how I remember it. His way of calling out the rules of the auction got more than a chuckle from me, and my husband declared "Yep that is New York Style Storage Auctions, don't even think about it"..........

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