Thursday, January 10, 2013

What, Did I Hear Right? "Breast Enlarging Gum" Turn That Up!

Okay just when I thought I had certainly heard it all I am proven wrong again. I am in my truck this morning and hadn't adjusted the radio to my station yet. There was a man and woman talking about breast enhancement. At first I thought it was a commercial but then noticed from how they were speaking that it must be one of those contests they do on some stations to win a breast enlargement surgery. I was not paying too much attention and the volume was on low. Just as I was pulling into the parking lot of a local store I swear I hear the woman on the radio say the words "breast enhancement gum". Needless to say my first thought was "HUH?" and immediately turned up the volume. I had to have heard something wrong, right? You would think, but what on earth wording about breast enhancement could possibly sound like "GUM"?
I pull the truck into a parking space still paying close attention for the word gum again and sure enough she said it again "GUM". At this point I am awaiting the punch line, but the only one cracking jokes is the male radio host. The female voice is completely 100% serious and not for comedic value. She is serious because she is talking about a new product she had heard about. I still was thinking it has to be a joke and I somehow missed the punchline. My second thought was, "If this is for real my goodness what are the ingredients and how much damage are they going to do to the rest of a womans health?
I somehow managed to forget about this for most of the day. I just got busy and I forgot to jump on google when I returned home as I had planned to. Then early evening I stopped by dollar general and had to buy some first aid supplies, something with our metal scrapping business is of great necessity. The medical supplies and something the cashier said reminded me of the gum. I started telling her about the crazy thing I had heard on the radio this morning. Her feelings were the same as mine. Immediate shock & amazement and then the thoughts of what on earth is in this gum? I mean what could the ingredients be that instead of spending thousands of dollars on a dangerous surgery you can chew gum and your chest will not only grow, but become firmer as well. My husband had been waiting outside so as I exited the store I practically yelled across the parking lot about what I had forgotten to tell him I had heard on the radio this morning. I tell you when you yell something out about breast enlargement and the word gum peoples heads turn. I know the expressions well on their faces, I had same one on my face sitting in my truck this morning when I heard it for first time.
Now this time when I arrived home I was sure not to forget to open up Google and type in the curious keywords for search "Breast Enlarging Gum". Sure enough lots of returns popped up and right in the top 3 was one I decided I would check out as soon as I actually was finished putting groceries away. No need to tell you about where I put my stuff away or what fun I had cleaning out my fridge.... Lets talk about when I sat back down to the website that was awaiting me.
I had found the gum on a website by the name of there was a lot of info and I read the majority of the first page and then still I had many questions. At the bottom of the page there were two options one of which to find out more about the product and one to buy it right then. I can't imagine anyone would actually be like "oh sure you say it works and its natural it must be so - sign me up". Even though I did read on that first page it was natural and worked etc. I still wanted to know more about it. Mainly I wanted to know what made it work? How does the gum make you need a bigger bra and not a whole new wardrobe in a bigger size? Which actually the man on the radio this morning had said something about making bellies bigger eating something or another. I can't remember word for word but mainly along the lines of chewing gum with sugar might make you gain weight in turn increasing bust size just like donuts will make your waistline larger.
Basically from what I have learned even I am tempted by this gum. I am sure many women out there that are not 100% happy with their size and want to increase it or not happy with firmness etc. will certainly be tempted to try this product, especially when they read the part about "Puberty". Yep you read that right.... Puberty is how they explain what the "over 13 safe and carefully chosen herbs" do so women "Don’t suffer any longer with small or sagging breasts. Get the larger, fuller, firmer, more attractive breasts you deserve". They honestly have me 95% convinced from reading the website that not only does it sound like a safe method to try but also that the gum will actually produce results.
See us women know very well that one of the first signs of puberty is when our breasts begin to swell and get very sore. I read this statement on the website -  "During puberty, the female body naturally produces estrogens that promote the development of new tissue. These hormones determine the size, shape, and fullness of a woman's breasts. Lower levels of these hormones result in smaller, less developed breasts." and I must say that actually makes sense to me. Just think women who cannot afford to drop thousands on surgery, or are afraid of the risks of such a drastic cosmetic procedure or they just are worried about what people will think about "fake breasts" can now chew gum and let their body naturally grow their chest into a larger and firmer look. I like the sound of that don't you? Also it is not only for small chested women, it is for any woman that is not happy with sagging, or firmness is just not as good as it could be, or they are just not as full shaped as they would like. Seriously how many women does that cover?
Now if you want to try this gum out please look into it further. This is one site and there is a lot of information there. However keep in mind this is a site that also sells the breast enhancing gum and probably one of many (I cannot be sure it is the one I went to in order to satisfy curiosity). They are obviously going to have all high opinions about how well it works and not mention any bad effects it might have. Oh which by the way, I did see a link about other extra benefits but I didn't read on that far as of yet.
As with anything you consider whether it be a medication, a diet, excersize routine etc. please read up on it before jumping in. Make sure you are very well informed about anything you are going to be putting into your body. Everything I have written here is as someone who just heard about this miracle gum this morning and have only out of curiousity went to one website to find out what it is. Of course if I really decide to try it I will be checking out other websites, opinions and asking my doctor as well if he has heard of it and what he thinks.
If someone has really discovered a way to make chewing gum that truly works to make any kind of noticable difference in the size, shape and/or firmness of our breasts you can expect that in the near future 9 out of 10 women you run into are going to have nice full & firm breasts along with great breath!
* If I decide to actually give this a try I will run a separate blog and link to it from here. Yes, if I actually try this supposedly amazing chewing gum I will share my results with you as I go. This is extremely outside of my comfort zone of what I would normally share with anyone outside of my closest family & friends but if I try it and it works I know others would love to know so they can give it a whirl. On the other hand if I try it and find negatives to it or doesn't work at all then I only feel it is right to share so others don't waste their time. At this point I am thinking it sounds promising.

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