Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Storage Auction Regret - When You Wish You Had Bid


Personal Opinions on Letting Good Lockers Get Away

I haven't written anything in a few days and I had really been shooting to post something each day in 2013. I am sure I will more than catch up here in the next couple of weeks as I start posting more "How To" type blogs. For tonight though I want to talk about the storage lockers that get away.
Anyone who has every bid on units knows what I mean I am sure. When you have a bunch of auctions to attend in the day and early on you pass up on some that were probably pretty good bets just in case something better comes along. Big mistake usually, at least for us that is. I would be curious to hear from other buyers about the topic actually (leave a comment and tell us about it).
Today we went to different facilities each location having a small but decent amount of units. We really thought the odds were in our favor today. However it apparently just was not meant to be. Then again I really think we just hesitated too much, passed over pretty solid bets and at decent bids to wait for units later in the day. See you always bring a certain amount of cash with you and you will wind up kicking yourself if you surpass your budget and then miss out on that "Perfect Unit", but I am here now writing this so you can learn from my what I call - Rookie - mistake here. The "Perfect Unit" rarely exists and more than likely you will wind up at the end of the day going home empty handed and kicking yourself for passing up on a handful of perfectly decent lockers that you could have easily turned a profit on.
So they cut the lock - the door opens - you look inside and determine BY THE UNIT YOU ARE LOOKING AT NOT THE WHAT IF LATER UNIT - "Can I make A Profit? Do I see a Profit in this unit? How much am I willing to go on this unit? Then don't even think about the unit that might come along. Think about what is in front of you and work with the current. If you win and say you have spent your budget for the day. Then just get to work and don't even go on to other facilities or units to see what could have been if you had held out. This is how I feel at least. It is actually a good practice in life in general. Live each day not thinking about the "What Ifs" "What Could Have Beens" "What Might Happen Ifs" its one thing to dream, but these statements go hand in hand with regret and second guessing yourself. Not healthy in life, not healthy in units.
So tomorrow is another day. More units, only this time north of us and some we have never been to before actually. Tomorrow we are not even going to think about the "next facility". We are going to focus on each unit and what we think we should bid on that unit and what kind of profit it will be.
Don't get me wrong there are times in which you will want to hold out. Depending on if your heading to an area that you know some history on the units and are waiting on a special unit you know about.Also if you are really looking for say a unit with a lot of boxes or a lot of furniture and you come across a unit that is real good but not what you are looking for. Then I would say to think it through and come to final decision (quickly before bidding is over). In no way am I saying to jump on any unit just so you win something, NOT AT ALL! I am saying don't pass up multiple units that you see your profit in just because you want to find that big score. Remember the bread and butter of resale is normally in the smaller items that you sell more often not the big rare items that are occassional. Use that logic when choosing what units to bid on and when to wait it out.
Okay - enough of my rambling for one night. If you made it all the way down here I must say THANK YOU for reading this. Hope you were able to get something out of it even though it is more of a personal rambling on about my feelings on a subject about storage locker bidding and not a how to or anything real useful............... Next time we will get to more "Bread & Butter" Of Blogs.....
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1/10/2013 FOLLOW UP: We decided to wait one more day. We worked on picking up a bunch of scrap metal & taking it apart today to have ready to cash in tomorrow morning. We figured the units were kind of real far today and not many at each facility. Since we run into many where people pay last minute we figured instead of possibly just wasting a lot of gas we would work toward earning more investment money so tomorrow we can go to a couple with a bunch of units. One facility has 21 units going up for auction tomorrow. You can bet we will be there with bells on tomorrow....... Hopefully soon to come blog post about a great storage locker we win tomorrow.............

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