Saturday, January 5, 2013

Research & Selling On eBay & Item To Re-Sell I Wont Pass On Anymore

Even though I have been selling online since 1997 and have used all different selling venues both online and off I honestly tell you that there is no way in the world to know everything about everything! However a very smart thing to do is dedicate a certain amount of time each day, or week to researching what is selling.
This evening I spent a good deal of time researching. I like to do at least a little research every day. There is so much to remember and even though I make lists I cannot sift through all of them while out treasure hunting. I find that by going through and seeing what others are selling over the years I have been able to remember more and more all of the time. Sure a lot of times I take a chance if the price is right, a lot of what I do is actually based on getting lucky. I always ask myself "If I get this will I at least be able to make my money back on it?" Of course I am not in this to just break even but what would be worse is losing money and this is why before taking a chance I ask myself this question every time.

 One Of The Most Interesting Things I Learned Today

I didn't just happen across this on eBay. I belong to eBay groups on FaceBook and other places. I scan through the groups to see what everyone is sharing & I am active in some of them. I have a favorite but that is for another blog post this week. It was in my favorite group that I came across this information about the Picture sleeves (the thin paper envelope inside the cardboard sleeve of 45 records aka record sleeve). I will be looking more closely at 45's in the record section from now on.
1. Those old 45 records I am always passing on because I just have never gotten into figuring out which records sell - well they have another selling point. One that actually stands to make a HUGE profit if you come across some of the rare ones. Like this one below
and here is the actual eBay auction in which it sold
Also it is not just a rare case. I searched for 45 Record Picture Sleeve in closed auctions. First I searched high to low. Learning Beattles is one of the real good ones, Supremes, and basically a lot of well known names. Go ahead and give it a whirl searching high to low. Then I searched low to high. Seeing if there was a ton of 99 cents ones that closed with no bids. I found that the low ones, the not so special ones also sold. Much lower prices but this would answer that question I always ask myself about will I at least make my money back. Then I searched the most recent closed listings. I did see ones that didn't sell but I always take into account that you have things that ended at a bad time, seller has bad feedback, or bad pictures/description.
Overall I am looking at this as an item I really don't stand to lose on. I like those kinds of items. Not as much as I would like to find Supremes or Beattles etc. I will be picky and I am sure I will miss some that are hot that I didn't remember. If the price is right, usually I can get them free or up to 25 cents each and thats a pretty right in my book, then I think I am going to give these a whirl.
I will do a follow up after I list some and see what the outcome is. Watch for the soon to come (in the next few weeks) blog post about how this newly learned information turned out. From the RESEARCH  it seems that this is going to be one of those things I never over-look again and might just find that rare treasure down here with so many records just tossed to the curb and to Thrift Stores each and every day. A lot of thrift stores even throw a ton of them away. Hmmmm dumpster diving in the future for records? Hey if I can find I $3000.00 piece of paper in a dumpster with old records in it. I will jump in head first, and not even care who is looking......... Like you wouldn't???
Seriously though..... try some keyword search research with this newfound information & see what you can find in your area or maybe its in your attic or closet right now collecting dust...... 

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